What is a company number?

A unique identification number is given to all companies in Malaysia upon its incorporation. Do you know about the new company number format? Find out more here.

How do foreign companies establish their presence in Malaysia?

As more foreign companies emerge in Malaysia, find out how these rapidly growing companies establish their presence and how you can too!

What are the types of business entities in Malaysia?

Do you know the difference between a business and a company? Here we give you a simple breakdown of the basic types of entities you can form in Malaysia.

Why incorporate a company in Malaysia?

From speed to government incentives, there are many benefits of incorporating a company in Malaysia. Here are 9 reasons why you should set up a company here.

What are the types of directors in Malaysia?

Have you always wondered what are the differences between the types of directors. Here are the 6 typical types of directors of a company in Malaysia.

Who can be a director? How to be a director?

Do you have what it takes to be a company director? How do you become one? Find out here about the important criteria and quality of a company director.

What does a company secretary do in Malaysia?

A company secretary is not just a mere administrator of a company. Here are the important duties and responsibilities of a company secretary in Malaysia.

What are the benefits of a company (or limited liability partnership) in Malaysia?

Incorporate a company or an LLP to run your business in Malaysia comes with its benefits, and could turn to be a great investment for the future. Here’s why.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a director in Malaysia?

A director owes a fiduciary duty towards the company. Here are some of the important roles and responsibilities of a director of a company in Malaysia.

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