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A 3-Step Guide To Filing Income Tax Returns Online

Many Malaysians still can’t register for eMadani

According to a recent news report, many individuals still cannot redeem their RM100 cash assistance via the Malaysian government’s eMadani eWallet programme. 

Given the window for registration closes on February 20 2024 and recipients have only until February 29 2024 to spend it, the government has reminded everyone that an individual’s 2022 tax returns are crucial to determine their eligibility, as it reveals whether or not they earn below RM100,000 anually. 

This means those who haven’t submitted tax returns simply cannot be eligible, regardless of income.

We at MISHU think there’s a bigger issue here.

A symptom of poor habits

There’s a chance some of your employees are having trouble with their eMadani registration because they did not file their 2022 tax returns – or tax returns for any year for that matter.

This is especially prevalent among those barely earning within taxable brackets.

girl covering her face with both hands

Or they’re hiding secret side income.

But even those who earn decent income can neglect to file tax returns, falsely thinking that the employer handles everything.

Where employers come in

We’ve written a super simple 3-step guide to filing income tax below, and we want you to share it with your staff.

If you care for your employees, time to educate them about how simple it is to file income tax returns.

Yes, it might make them eligible for the RM100 eMadani programme.

Beyond that, filing tax returns is like brushing teeth – they’re good habits that keep you out of trouble!

Let’s begin.

3 Steps to file income tax for the first time

Step 1. Register as a taxpayer online via e-Daftar

Head over to MyTax, the official LHDN online portal, and click on e-Daftar.

image 5
image 5

This will take you to the form below.

image 1
image 1

Fill in the form with your personal details and hit ‘search’.

You’ll be notified that you have not registered as a taxpayer, and will be led to another form which you’ll need to fill in and submit.

You’ll also need to upload photos of your MyKad, so have it ready.

Unfortunately, we can’t show photos of this form as all of us on the MISHU editorial team registered as taxpayers years ago. If you could donate a screenshot of this form, we’d be grateful!

Anyways, once you’ve submitted this form, you will receive your income tax registration number.

Step 2. Register your MyTax account

Go back to the MyTax homepage and enter your MyKad number in the ‘New Identification No.’ field.

image 6
image 6

As you don’t yet have a MyTax account, you’ll receive the following prompt:

image 2
image 2

These are two options to create your digital certificate.

You can use either, though we recommend e-CP55D for most.

Select e-CP55D and you’ll be directed to a form to fill in and submit.

From here an activation link will be sent to your email for you to activate your digital certificate.

Clicking the link will bring you to the MyTax homepage.

Key in your MyKad number as before and now you should be able to log in with your PIN number automatically displayed.

(Note: As its your first time logging in, you will be asked to create a password and security phrase.)

Step 3. File your 2022 tax returns!

Go to the e-Filing page on MyTax, and select e-BE Year of Assessment 2022.

image 4
image 4

You will be brought to the list of forms, from which you should select form e-BE if you do not have business income, or form e-B if you DO have business income.


Your boss doesn’t need to know about your side gigs, but LHDN should!

image 3
image 3

Selecting either form will take you to the actual tax return form.

You don’t have to complete it in one sitting – it autosaves so you can return at a later date to finish it.

Have fun!

Let MISHU help with income tax returns

HOBD Adrian

If you’re at a stage where all your time needs to be focused on your business or career, consider engaging MISHU to handle your tax obligations. We partner with certified accountants to assist, and can make your annual tax returns completely effortless. Get in touch!

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  1. Saya malik redzuan saya nak tanya. Boleh ke saya mohon bantuan untuk bayar cukai sebanyk 26% untuk saya pindah kan dana saya ke akun bank sebanyk RM424,72200 dari feledfom kerja komisen saya. saya kerana masalah kewang.

    1. Salam Malik,

      Teman sekerja kami akan hubungi tuan secepat mungkin. Terima kasih atas kesabaran tuan!

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