Imagine accidentally falling and you bruise yourself, you need to get yourself an antiseptic to reduce the possibility of infection, what would you think of? I’m sure you wouldn’t think of the word ‘antiseptic’, instead the first word that comes to your mind would be #Dettol. In another scenario, especially for Malaysians, when we feel like buying or eating cereal for breakfast, we won’t use the word ‘cereal’. Instead, we would normally hear people saying brands such as ‘KokoKrunch’ or ‘Honey Stars’ even though we might not want to buy these specific brands. 

Yes, these are examples of successful brands. Instead of mentioning the exact term or item that a person wants, brand names are mentioned instead. For many people, these brands have already represented the item they are looking for. What makes a successful brand? Well, there are two huge elements that make a brand successful, which are brand name and brand identity. 

Brand Name

What is brand name? Isn’t this just a name for a brand? As straight forward as this might be, this is one of the most challenging parts for an entrepreneur as they will need to come out with brand names that is identifiable and verifiable. Identifiable, meaning how a brand name can differentiate its product and service from close competitors. Verifiable, is defined as how a brand name can give a sense of authentication and genuine feel to its customers. Some business that has figured out the unique recipe for a successful brand name are Toys R Us, Amazon, Apple, McDonalds, Tesla, and Netflix. These are successful businesses which share one thing in common: Their brand names are always mentioned instead of the type of product or service they provide. 

Brand Identity

So, what is brand Identity? Brand Identity simply asks the question, who are you as a brand? Businesses or companies would need to figure out about its identity such as its mission, brand values, brand personality and how is the business different with others. Other than that, brand identity also requires a business to brainstorm the visual elements such as colour, design, and logo that can distinguish themselves as a special brand in the consumer’s mind.  

A company that has an effective brand identity is Mastercard. I’m pretty sure that everyone recognizes Mastercard’s logo, which is two circles intersecting with the colours red, orange, and yellow. To many, Mastercard’s logo have not ever changed before, but truth to be told, they have subtlety changed their icon a few times. Therefore, Mastercard has effective brand identity as they gave its brand a design overhaul but is still able to maintain the core brand and characteristics so that it is still easily identifiable by customers.  

 With that said, why not create your own signboard or billboard and implement these 2 main elements in? If you’re looking to express your business through signboard or billboard look us up on MISHU? We’re more than help you to express yourself!