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Are You Sure You Are Ready To Start A Business?

Starting a business is not easy, while there are a lot of them to go through, here are the top #7 challenges that we think a new business owner will face regardless of the industry. 

#1 The Ever-Changing Future Of The Company 

Company & Business Direction

This is always a problem and will always remain a problem for an entrepreneur, as the future is always unpredictable. Even with the most planned out future for the company, entrepreneurs must always be on their toes for sudden changes in the environment internally and externally.

A great example would be the recent Covid-19 Pandemic that hit us when we least expected it. Only those businesses who were agile and ready to embrace change took this as an opportunity to transform their business to adapt to the ever-evolving environment. For example, traditional business who switched to digital business managed to survive or even thrive during the pandemic.

#2 Financial Problem 

Critical Financial Issue

Financial management will always be one of the challenges that an entrepreneur will face from Day 1 they start their business. As we all might know, profit does not come immediately and might even only come after months or even years. So, a business owner must always have enough capital to grind until they succeed. The increase in profit will also cause an increase in expenditures of a company as they will need more people and resources to manage their business. So, start-up businesses will always have to draw the line to spend money or avoid unnecessary expenses

#3 Suitable Employees  

Employee Engagement And Performance

For a new company, the first batch of employees that an entrepreneur will hire will be crucial as it lays the foundation of the company. One of the problems that entrepreneurs might face is the inexperience of employees. If a company hired the wrong individual especially during the start of a business, it would cause more harm than good. Another problem companies might face is an experienced employee leaving causing the complete pause of the employee’s part of the job or worse, the entire department. Thus, it is always best to have a backup plan to prevent this from happening.  

#4 Technology Security   

Technology Security

As we live in an era of technology, everything and anything technological is mostly connected and can be easily accessed through the world wide web. It is without a doubt digital technology has brought about uncountable benefits to start-ups; it has also made a lot of things easier to access for hackers. If it is easy for us employees to remotely do our work, it will definitely be easier for a hacker to gain access to a company’s confidential files and records. So, start-up or not, it is always crucial to keep cyber security tight and up to date. 

#5 Client Problems     

Customer always right

Clients are the main source of income and success for a company, but they might also be the main source of stress. Gaining these customers’ trust at an early stage of a business is not a simple task. Start-up businesses would need to brainstorm to create and implement a customer-centric business model to satisfy these clients. If a business succeeds to do so, satisfied clients will be the ones that will return for more while providing free word of mouth (WOM) advertisement. 

#6 Competition    

Business Competition

As there’s a rising number of entrepreneurs starting their businesses during this pandemic, competition is fierce in every industry. There is competition among giant companies and there is too among small start-ups. This competitive environment always acts as a reminder to all entrepreneurs to always be on their toes as any error might be lethal or costly.   


#7 Communication   

As they all might say, communication is the key component that holds the company together. One of the biggest causes of failure for a new start-up company is due to poor communication internally. If a company puts too much effort into their daily business operations while neglecting internal communication, a business is destined to fail as they might misunderstand clients’ feedback and confuse clients.  The lack of communication might also be deadly if the business owners are oblivious to the current situation or health of the business. 

With all that said, are you facing problems with your appointed secretary where there’s a communication breakdown or are they providing you not enough information? With all these problems that a company will need to face, why not leave the boring paperwork for us to deal with so you can focus on dealing with the problems instead? According to our customers, they have been really satisfied with us in terms of swiftness and accuracy. Go see it yourself to believe it! Give us a buzz for more info! 


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