Statutory Compliance Quiz

(Quiz) Think You Know Statutory Compliance?

Can you live without a Company Secretary?

Every Sdn Bhd and LLP owner in Malaysia knows it’s vital that a business stays fully compliant with the latest statutory compliance requirements to avoid legal issues or penalties.

When it comes to matters of compliance, your Company Secretary or Compliance Officer should always be on hand to advise accordingly.

Of course, should always and will always are very different things.

Say they get bitten by a king cobra.

Or did a triple backflip into a swimming pool – but forgot it was empty.

RIP Mr Cosec

Point is, while they may sometimes be unavailable, issues needing fast decisions come like clockwork.

How well can you manage without your Company Secretary?

Just fine, you say?

Those are some mighty big words – care to back them up?

Take our statutory compliance quiz!

To test how well you know your compliance obligations, we’ve created a short quiz with 15 questions covering a range of statutory compliance topics from taxation to company documents and employment laws. You can answer the questions in the embedded Google form below.

The form isn’t set to collect emails – we’re just having a little fun here.

Let us know how you did in the comments – are you a Just Hatched, or are you a Legal Eagle who sees and knows everything?

Good luck, and no cheating!

Clucking Good

And that’s it!

Let us know what score you achieved in the comments, and don’t forget to share it with your friends who own businesses in Malaysia.

If you want to be really cheeky, share it with your Company Secretary and watch them sweat.

To the ‘Legal Eagles’

You certainly know your stuff – but don’t go firing your Company Secretary!

While doing well on this quiz is a positive indication of one’s knowledge, it’s important to remember that the quiz comprises only a snapshot of the full picture of Malaysian statutory compliance.

It’s important to continuously learn and stay updated on the latest compliance regulations and guidelines to truly become knowledgeable on a core aspect of running a business.

To the ‘Just Hatched’

Don’t let a poor quiz result discourage you from learning!

Real-life experience will eventually teach you a thing or two about statutory compliance, and depending on how quick you learn, you’ll be a Legal Eagle in no time. In the meantime, absorb all you can from your Company Secretary by asking them lots of questions – and you can always ask MISHU too.

In the meantime, just make sure they don’t get bitten by a king cobra.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart from entrepreneurs.

King cobra
Both are cold-blooded.
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4 thoughts on “(Quiz) Think You Know Statutory Compliance?

  1. Not fair. I always know the max no of directors is 50, but there is no option there. So I pick 15 haha. I thought all answers are required. I got 9 points anyway. Keep up your great articles!

    1. Ah, you may be thinking of the maximum number of shareholders instead of directors!

      Thank you for the kind words, and 9 out of 15 points is a pass any day of the week.

      The MISHU Editorial Team

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