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One Branding #Hack That Every Successful Business Has.

Every business has its own message that defines and expresses its heart and soul in the marketplace. Not to be confused with slogans, a brand mantra is created with the purpose of better establishing what a brand represents. A brand mantra is defined as a short 3-to-5-word phrase that includes the soul or essence of a brand. Brand mantra also acts as a brand promise or essence for both the internal staff and external marketing partners to let them know what the brand stands for and what it represents to the customers so that they can adjust their actions to it.  

Brand Mantra

Why is a brand mantra such a powerful tool for a business? This is because the brand mantra acts as a clear guideline for businesses to decide on the execution of marketing campaigns and where’s and how’s a product or a service should be provided. This at first might seem insufficient to create an impact, but it creates a mental barrier that is able to filter out inappropriate marketing activities that might negatively impact a business. With brand mantras, a business will be able to maintain a consistent brand image that might act as a source of authenticity and credibility for the customers. Thus, brand mantras should always be reinforced to employees that have constant contact with a customer as a customer’s perception of a brand might turn sour if an employee has lost track of the brand mantras.

An example of a big company that practises brand mantra is Disney, which its brand mantra is ‘fun family entertainment‘. This brand mantra was adopted when they realised that their characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were overused by licensed third party promotion. They quickly found out that consumers felt that Disney was exploiting its name as these Disney characters added little value to the products which in the end motivated the purchase intention of children. Once the problem was identified, Disney came out with an internal brand mantra, ‘fun family entertainment’ as a guideline for any proposed venture. They had made it clear that no matter how appealing the opportunity was if it does not meet Disney’s brand mantra, it will be rejected. 

Start Branding Today

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