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Outdoor Advertisements Sour A Brand, Here’s Why ?

Let’s be honest.

As a Malaysian, the first thing you might complain about is the heavy traffic, especially if you live or work in a crowded area. For many Malaysians, we spend a fair share of hours in our car, listening to the radio station looping the same trending songs for hours. For that reason, outdoor advertising has risen to take advantage of this situation. 

Out-Of-Home Ads

In your long hours getting stuck in the heavy traffic, you’ll probably notice there are different types of eye-catching advertisements in different places. These advertisements that you’ve seen outside are referred to as OOH also known as Out of Home advertisements. While some of these advertisements are harmless and normal, some OOH advertisements are considered a distraction or an eyesore, especially from evening to nighttime.

Digital LED Billboard Ads

While there are plenty of OOH ads that are frequently seen in Malaysia, one digital LED ad that took Malaysia by storm was the 3D Golden Bull advertisement that was displayed in Pavilion KL Shopping Mall. The golden cow, charging against the COVID-19 virus, was a first of its kind 3D animation LED billboard that went viral not just in Malaysia but also worldwide. Without a doubt, this billboard was innovative and has given us a positive message to fight against the virus while greeting us with a happy new year message. With that said, have you ever wondered if these types of Huge LED boards might be illegal? While LED Boards are meant to grab people’s attention and are highly entertaining compared to static billboards, these billboards might be one of the reasons that cause the heavy traffic even outside of rush hours.  

Video via Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (Youtube)

Mobile LED Ads

Another #NEGATIVE effect of OOH on the public is caused by Mobile LED trucks. These are basically truck-sized vehicles with videos of the advertisement played on the sides of the truck on loop. While this is probably one of the most effective ways to advertise, it yet brings negative influences on the public. As this truck will be driven around streets or highways, it will be an attention grabber due to the nature of such advertisement. With that said, this might be too attractive as having the light projected from a LED truck’s advertisement might cause severe damage, especially to drivers that suffer from Photophobia, which might in the end cause unimaginable damage or high risk to drivers when driving at night.  

Speaking of vehicles, another OOH advertisement that had made it to the news was an on-vehicle advertisement from Thailand. The advertisement was for a popular Netflix’s k-drama horror series ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. For this advertisement, a truck was painted yellow to mimic a normal school bus, but the twist was the bus is covered with blood splatter. To make it worst, the ‘interior’ of the bus was also a LED screen, showing students that are trapped inside the bus. While this advertising method really attracts young adults or teenagers to learn more about the movie, this might be many children or old people’s worst nightmare. So, it’s clear that some OOH advertisements have taken a step too far as they have created fear or anxiety towards the people. 

Image via Netflix Thailand Youtube


OOH advertisements such as billboards are also one of the main reasons for the devaluation of an area or urban decay. As we all might have already witnessed with our own eyes, there are many billboards, especially in the less popular areas are left without any maintenance which in the end will cause the slow decaying of the billboard itself. These decaying billboards will leave a bad taste in the mouth, especially for first-time visitors.  The devaluation of an area might also be caused by unoccupied or empty billboards. These empty billboards might cause a sense of abandonment of the area which ultimately causes the devaluation of the area.  

Commercial-Sound Vehicle Ads

Sound pollution is also one of the negative effects that an OOH advertisement may cause. A great example of sound pollution is a Japanese Singing truck, which is an advertisement for a job information site ‘Vanilla’. This truck goes around the streets of urban areas such as Tokyo and blasts the ‘Vanilla’ song loud and on loop.

The people of Japan might have already been used to this situation but imagine this happening on the heavy traffic streets of Malaysia. Still, in Malaysia, we too have brands using a similar marketing tactic as in Japan. Thankfully, the sound pollution is minimal in Malaysia so we might even not notice it.

Do you know what it is?

Ready for the answer?

It’s the ice cream motorbikes! Our ‘abang’ ice cream motorbikes produce far passive jingle sounds or songs for the ice cream brand.

This in the end only attracts kids’ attention but not adults whenever an ice cream motorbike passes through. However, like any other marketing advertisements, did you know that you will need a Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP) license to play music for your brand? It also same as ‘old newspaper truck’ uses the same method to inform people that they are collecting old papers and batteries. They would blast announcements ‘Old newspaper’ and honk several times like a song.

Want to advertise in a lawful yet effective way? Do you want to advertise ethically yet not sure how to do so? Let us help you with your placement outdoor advertisements!  

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