guide to ssm superform to incorporate company online in malaysia

SSM Company Superform: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Simplifying company incorporation

Once upon a time, incorporating a company in Malaysia required physically presenting yourself at an SSM counter and filling in multiple forms.

difficult company incorporation procedure prior to the superform and onine incorporation
The multiple forms.

Thankfully, the Companies Act 2016 consolidates these forms into a single document known as Section 14 or the Company Superform, to serve as the primary tool for company incorporation with SSM.

This post outlines the Superform for parties managing their own incorporation, including:

By the way, If you’ve never seen it before, here’s SSM’s official Superform sample.

Let’s begin.

Information the Superform asks for

Ha, bet you didn’t open the link, did you?

Never mind, click on the pictures of the Superform sample below to expand it.

Based on the sections you need the following details on hand before filling in the Superform:

  • Proposed company name
  • Nature and description of business
  • Company type (shares vs guarantee)
  • Registered address
  • Key stakeholder details

Lets go into each item with more detail.

Proposed company name

It must be relevant to your business activities, not already in use or reserved by another entity, as well as conform to SSM’s various company naming guidelines.

If you’ve not considered this, SSM actually has quite a few constraints, which you can read about in full in our guide to company naming conventions In Malaysia.

Nature of business

The primary sector your company operates in and specific activities / services carried out. It is done by including up to three MSIC codes.

For more info, our MSIC 2008 business code guide shows how to filter our list of MSIC codes.

Note: Don’t worry if the MSIC codes don’t fully explain your business – just be sure to get the broad description right.

Company description

Where the MSIC codes give a general overview of the company, the description fills in the details and explains exactly what the company does.

It can be up to 200 words long and is entirely written by the party submitting the Superform.

We cover this in our article on explaining your nature of business to SSM.

Company type

Specifically, whether your company will be:

  • private or public and
  • limited by shares or guarantee

This determines the company’s structure, ownership, and regulatory requirements. 

If you are like most businesses, your company is private (a Sdn Bhd) and limited by shares (with you being the majority shareholder).

Proposed registered address

A registered address is where your company is officially registered and serves as its legal address for official correspondence with government bodies. 

It isn’t the same as a business address, which is where your company will be physically located and operate.

This is why businesses usually use their Company Secretary’s business address as their registered address – if SSM sends your company a letter, you want your Company Secretary to receive it!

Details of directors, members, and Company Secretary

As key stakeholders in the company, SSM makes it a point to know who they are, so be ready to provide:

  • Full name
  • Identification papers
  • Contact details
  • Nationality, and
  • Share ownership details

Some additional details are needed on the Company Secretary:

  • Where they received their certification
  • Their valid license number

What is a Company Secretary?

Also known as a ‘CoSec’, a Company Secretary is a mandatory appointment for all companies in Malaysia and ensures the business operates in compliance with Malaysian company law.

In case it isn’t obvious, MISHU is a CoSec firm, and our team is led by the very capable Fenny.

MISHU Cosec Manager Fenny

Don’t be misled by her smile – she can and will scare you into following the rules if she has to!

Some of our main responsibilities include:

Once you incorporate a company, you have 30 days to appoint a Company Secretary, and since you’re here, you might as well appoint us 😏

Dang, we started the sales pitch to soon, didn’t we?

Let’s get back to the guide first.

Where and how to submit the Superform

Today, the majority of company incorporations, and Superform submissions, are done online via SSM’s MyCoID portal.

mycoID homepage for company incorporation guide

As this is your first time visiting, you’ll need to register for a new account before you can proceed with filling in and submitting the Company Superform.

Once submitted, and if all is well, you should hear the good news from SSM via email and WhatsApp within three to five business days.

All the best!

Now we’ve shown you the process, let’s get to the sales pitch!

Let MISHU help incorporate your company

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