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5 Types Of SBL-Khas Training Under HRD Corp

As an employer operating in Malaysia with a team of ten or more, you’re either already enrolled in the Human Resources Development Corporation (HRD Corp) or on your path to registration. 

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This membership opens the door to a vast selection of HRD Corp Claimable Courses, allowing employers to design customized development strategies that equip a workforce with specific skill sets. 

In this guide, we explore five training options under Skim Bantuan Latihan Khas (SBL-Khas), one of the major training schemes offered by HRD Corp.

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1. Public and In-House Training Courses 

Conducted on company premises, a hotel, or an external training location, these are ongoing sessions for a minimum of two people up to a maximum of 40, and which must last at least four hours (half day) and can go up to seven hours (full day). 

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Trainers are required to possess a valid HRD Corp Train The Trainer (TTT) certificate or HRD Corp TTT exemption (meaning they are a Subject Matter Expert appointed and acknowledged by a government 
body). In both cases, the document validates their ability to deliver quality training sessions.

Lastly, overseas training and trainers are allowed, with flight tickets and accommodation being claimable expenses.

2. Long-Term Development Programs

Long-term development programs go beyond three months in duration and typically offer academic qualifications such as diplomas or higher credentials upon successful completion.

These courses are designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and skills in their chosen field, catering to individuals seeking comprehensive educational experiences.

3. Conferences and Seminars

Unlike a training course, conferences and seminars are one-off sessions held locally that span at least one day and up to a maximum of three days, with sessions lasting for a minimum of four hours per day.

Note that speakers participating in these events do not need to possess a Train the Trainer Certificate or receive exemption from HRD Corp.

4. Certification Programmes / Industrial-Based Training

These programs can accommodate an unlimited number of trainees and are designed to equip participants with specific skills and credentials that are frequently tied to both white and blue-collar industries, especially in the following areas:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Green Technology / Renewable Energy
  • FinTech
  • Smart Construction
  • Smart Farming
  • Aerospace industry
  • Block chain
  • MicroCredential
  • Future Technology

The purpose is to ensure a workforce utilises best practices and methodologies and ultimately produces work of a quality that meets industry standards. 

5. Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring programs offer personalised guidance and support to individuals seeking professional development. There are no strict requirements regarding minimum or maximum number of participants, allowing flexibility in group sizes.

For face-to-face coaching, HRD Corp permits a ratio ranging from 1:1 to 1:4, though each trainee must undergo a minimum of four hours of coaching to be eligible for claims.

Additionally, HRD Corp also allows online coaching and mentoring sessions, provided there are no practical elements involved. 

The main difference between SBL-Khas and SBL

Under the conventional SBL Scheme, employers make the initial full payment for a training programme and submit claims for reimbursement later, while SBL-Khas streamlines payment by deducting course fees directly from the employer’s HRD Corp account.

The tradeoff is that only training programs pre-approved by HRD Corp are eligible for claims under SBL-Khas, though in practice this doesn’t really matter as there are thousands of courses and programmes available. 

Claimable expenses for training programmes

The following are eligible for reimbursement as part of an SBL Khas programme: 

  • Course fees
  • Meal allowances
  • Daily allowances
  • Training materials
  • Hotel rooms
  • Training facility rental, and
  • Plane tickets and other forms of transport

For a full breakdown  of specific claimable rates based on type of training, check out HRD Corp’s official allowable cost matrix.

How to apply for SBL-Khas programmes

Application is done via HRD Corp’s e-TRIS portal and should be submitted by employers under the HRDF Claimable Courses Scheme at least one day before training begins. 

hrd corp e tris navigation guide
hrd corp e tris navigation guide

Required supporting documents

  1. Invoice / quotation of course fee / transportation
  2. Trainer’s profile  
  3. Schedule or course content

3 steps to properly utilise HRD Corp Claimable Courses

With over 165,000 HRD Corp claimable courses, curating an effective and efficient employee training strategy is never easy. However, without clarity and alignment across a company’s leadership, we’d argue it would be nearly impossible.

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That’s why the following two steps are vital:

Step 1: Identify organisation goals

This means fully understanding the company’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives. Depending on the size of the organisation, this could also involve business departments like HR and marketing clarifying their specific goals and functions.

Step 2: Identify employee needs/gaps

This requires assessing current skill levels, areas for improvement, and determining which are most urgent or cannot be taught before other more foundational competencies are developed. 

Step 3: Identify relevant HRD Corp courses

The final step aligns the selected HRD Corp claimable courses with the overarching objectives of the organisation. By integrating these two components, companies can ensure that the selection of HRD Corp courses is comprehensive, targeted, and ultimately contributes to the success of the business.

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