Guide to long term social visit pass in malaysia

The Expatriate’s Guide To Long Term Social Visit Passes In Malaysia

In Malaysia, expatriates holding Category 1 and 2 Employment Passes are permitted to bring their immediate family members with them, known as dependents. For family members who fall outside the definition of a dependent, the solution is often a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTSVP)

This article provides a complete overview of the function of a Long-Term Visit Pass and how to obtain one from the Malaysian Immigration Department, specifically their Expatriates Services Division (ESD).

Here’s how we’ll break it down:

  1. We’ll start with an explanation of what a LTSVP is used for
  2. We’ll compare it to a Dependent Pass so you understand which is right for your case
  3. We’ll cover the process of applying for a LTSVP
  4. We’ll try to persuade you to get our help!

Note: Spouses of Malaysian residents can also apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass which carries different requirements and permissions, but this article is specifically written for expatriates and Malaysian companies employing them.

If that applies to you, let’s begin!

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  • An LTSVP allows certain family members of a Employment Pass holder (known as a principal) to accompany them in Malaysia for six months to five years.

  • A LTVSP is usually used as an alternative for family members not eligible for a Dependent Pass.

  • For children 18 years old an above, you’ll need an LTSVP.

  • The duration of a LTSVP corresponds to the duration of the principal’s Employment Pass.

  • Each LTSVP application costs RM450 and can take up to 14 working days to process, not including the time taken to prepare required documents for submission.

  • There is no need for LTSVP holders to leave the country for a minimum period before their pass can be renewed.

  • Save yourself the trouble and engage MISHU to help apply for your LTSVP today!

What is a Long-Term Social Visit Pass?

A LTSVP is a long-term pass that allows certain family members of a Employment Pass holder (known as a principal) to accompany them and reside in Malaysia for six months to five years

How long will your LTSVP be valid for?

The validity period of a LTSVP corresponds to the validity period of the principal Employment Pass holder.

However, if the pasport validity of the LTSVP applicant is less than that of the principal Employment Pass, then the validity of their LTSVP will follow their passport instead. While the LTVSP can always be renewed, it would be a good idea to ensure the applicant’s passport is up to date.

Long Term Social Visit Pass vs Dependent Pass

The main difference between these two passes is the individuals that fall under them, which can be found in the table below:

Long Term Social Visit PassDependent Pass
1. common law spouse parents / parents-in-law
2. biological & legally adopted children 18 years old and above
1. legal spouse (husband/wife)
2. biological & legally adopted children below 18 years old
3. dependent children regardless of age (if they have a physical or mental disability rendering them dependent on you)

As of September 2023, an application for a LTSVP and Dependent Pass both cost RM450, not including other immigration and processing fees.

Furthermore, in both cases, holders of both passes are not allowed to work in Malaysia without first applying for an Employment Pass of their own. There is no preferential treatment given on the basis of a relationship with an existing Employment Pass holder – their application will be judged on its own merits.

If you believe a Dependent Pass is more suited for you, our FAQ on Dependent Passes might come in handy.

Otherwise, time to get to work and go over the application process.

Long Term Social Visit Pass Application Process

Before beginning the application process, be sure that the required documents below are prepared.

Required documents

  •  Recent passport photo
  • Copy of passport (full booklet with cover)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (for children above 18 years old) translated* into English (if applicable) and Certified True Copy (CTC)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of Employment Pass holder / Employment Pass holder’s spouse (for Parents and Parents-in-law) translated* into English (if applicable) and Certified True Copy (CTC)
  • Affidavit / Acknowledgement letter from the Employment Pass holder’s Embassy / Consulate General on the relationship status (for common law spouse)
  • Original letter from Commissioner of Oaths and confirmation letter from respective Embassy in Malaysia with regard to latest status (single, unemployed and under custodian of EP holder) is required for every renewal.
  • Personal Bond form (duly stamped by Inland Revenue Board);
  • Other documents specified upon request

Regarding the final point, as required documents vary significantly depending on industry, contact our Employment Pass team for advice tailored to your needs.

*Note: Translations must be done either by your Respective Embassy / High Commission / Consulate General or the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books (ITBM).

Submitting the application online

expatriates services division online portal for long term social visit pass application

The company / sponsor must submit the application on behalf of the applicant. To do this, visit the ESD portal, log in to the company’s ESD account (or register for one) and submit the application along with the supporting documents.

If all goes as well, the application should be processed with 14 – 21 working days.

As mentioned above, each LTSVP application costs RM450, not including various other immigration and licensing fees.

Whether you are an employer or expatriate, we wish you a smooth application and hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia.

Of course, for a truly smooth application, consider engaging our services!

Let MISHU handle your LTSVP application

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MISHU’s team is experienced in helping companies negotiate with the relevant authorities to obtain Long-Term Social Visit Passes and swift approval of any necessary permissions. We would be happy to sit down with you and understand your needs – check out our Employment Pass services and let us know if you’d like help!

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18 thoughts on “The Expatriate’s Guide To Long Term Social Visit Passes In Malaysia

  1. Hi. If I am in Malaysia through LTSVP (marriage), what are my options for bringing my mother here? If I get endorsement to work while I am on a Long Term Social Visit Pass, and I earn more than the 5,000 Ringgit Threshold, can i bring my mother to Malaysia?

    If not, can I bring my mother through my Malaysian wife (she is a citizen). Thank you

    1. Hi Rahman,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We forwarded your question to our Employment Pass expert and this is their reply:

      1. Your current Long Term Visit Pass (LTSV) / spouse visa should also allow you to apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass for your parent.

      2. It’s worth noting that compared to a normal Employment Pass, the spouse visa is not tied to a specific employer, which provides flexibility in employment options.

      Hope that answers your question, and let us know if you need any help with the application!

      The MISHU Editorial Team

    2. I married a Malaysian and currently holds a long term social visit pass.

      Can I work in malaysia?

      Can I open a bank account in malaysia?

      1. Hi Chee Wee,

        Thank you for the question.

        We forwarded it to our Employment Pass expert and here’s their reply:

        1. Yes, a spouse visa allows you to work.

        2. HOWEVER, you first need to apply for an Endorsement of Work Permit in Putrajaya or your nearest state immigration office.

        3. The permit is free, though your spouse will need to be present at the application.

        4. You should have no issues opening a bank account in Malaysia.

        5. If you already have an account with an international bank, you can even try asking them if they can assist with connecting you with a Malaysian branch to start the process online.

        Our representative will be getting in touch with you to check if you need further assistance.

        Hope this helps, and all the best from us at the MISHU Editorial team 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I have a query – I am employed and want bring mother-in-law to Malaysia on LTSVP. Can i apply on my own? what all documents will be needed? where can i find the forms? The url links provided are not working anymore.


    Do i need to ask my company to initiate the process?

    1. Hi Bushra,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We reached out to our employment pass expert regarding your inquiry, and here’s their response:

      1. Best to ask a company to handle it as LTSVP applications must be done through their Expatriate Services Division (ESD) account.
      2. The required documents are as listed out in our guide.
      3. The forms will be filled in online when submitting the application via the ESD portal.

      Hope this helps!

      By the way, we checked the links on this page and they’re all working fine, could you specify which links you found were broken? We’d greatly appreciate it.

      Best regards,
      The MISHU Editorial Team

  3. Hi, If I get a Long term visa pass, am I allowed to open a bank account and can I bring a shipment of my personal things?

    1. Hi MK,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We reached out to our employment pass expert regarding your inquiry, and here’s their response:

      1. A bank account opening is usually normally by company recommendation.
      2. Your shipment of personal items will be subject to rules by the Malaysian Customs Department, so as long as there’s nothing on their list of prohibited items, you should be good.
      3. However, if you’re asking whether a shipment of your items in included as a package with a LTVSP application, then we’re afraid not!

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards,
      The MISHU Editorial Team

  4. Hi,
    I’m a UK citizen with a Malaysia PR intending to return to Malaysia with my family. Would my wife be eligible for a LTSVP? Guidance online suggests this is available for spouses of a Malaysian citizen only. I would not need an employment pass to work in Malaysian given my PR status. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      We apologise for the delayed response as our Employment Pass team was occupied – but they’ve seen your message and here’s their response:

      1. As they’ve not encountered a similar situation to yours, they feel it would not be right to offer a professional opinion on the matter.
      2. They suggest you contact the Immigration Department for a definitive answer.

      Let us know if there’s any other questions you have, but I’m afraid that’s all we can offer on this matter.

      The MISHU Editorial Team

  5. I had worked in Malaysia for 7 years as an Account Payable Executive with MNC. Now I married with Malaysian husband, is it possible to apply for PR after LTSVP? How long do I need to hold for the LTSVP to apply for PR?

    1. Dear Pricilla,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      You’ll be eligible for PR application once you’ve been in Malaysia for at least five years.

      So we hope to see you in five years!

      The MISHU Editorial Team

  6. My daughter recently married a foreigner in October 2023.
    My son in law has applied for a LTSV in October 2023 as well.
    Until today March 2024 his application is still pending.
    Wonder how long will it take to approve in immigration Sarawak?

  7. Hello, I am currently holding a student visa now which will expire on May 9, 2024. My family is living here in malaysia with my step-dad being a malaysian citizen. I am planning to stay here for as long as possible. Am I applicable for a LTSVP to stay for 6 months or more? I am a Philippine citizen, can I apply this visa in philippines? Thank you.

  8. My stepfather is a Singaporean, already 65year old . I and my wife as Malaysia citizen. We want take my stepfather to Malaysia for take care since his is single and no family in SG. We are not blood relation. Can we help him to apply LTSVP? how the process / document needed?

    1. Hi Lim,

      We appreciate the time-sensitive nature of your issue and our Employment Pass teammates will be contacting you as soon as possible.

      Take care and all the best.

      The MISHU Editorial Team

  9. My LTSVP is got expired while I was in abroad n soon I got back to malaysia I went for a renewal, they said not able to renew the visa the immigration said not able to travel abroad

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