Let’s talk about the problem you faced in Phase 1 of your business venture.

You were paying an unreasonable amount of tax money just because you made a little more profit than last year.

You're thinking too much before you sign a contract. You know every contract you sign might make you vulnerable to bankruptcy or expose you to personal liability.

You're thinking of expanding your business but the bank won't even entertain your loan application?

Do you see yourself in this situation?

Are these exactly your thoughts?

Let's talk about how upgrading to a Sdn Bhd can solve your problem

What if I told you that upgrading to a Sdn Bhd will help solve your current problem and even open up to more opportunities?

Where am I right now?

You’re now running a business/enterprise.

If you’re running the business alone, you’re a sole proprietor.

However, if you’re running the business with your partners, then you’re running a conventional partnership.

Take note that in an enterprise/business, you’re the same entity as your business. In other terms, if your enterprise gets into the wrong deal, you’ll also get yourself in trouble!

Where should I do next?

Sdn Bhd should be something next for you. If you have no idea, let’s first talk about what is a Sdn Bhd.

Of the different types of companies, Sdn Bhd is one type of company that we recommend you transition into.

How is a Sdn Bhd different from your enterprise? Well, it’s a separate legal entity that can effectively separate your business from your personal liability. 

Content Includes:

  • Types of Companies
  • The Benefits Of Transitioning From My Enterprise To A Company (Sdn Bhd)
  • The Players In Your Sdn Bhd 
  • The Transition Process (What We Thought Vs The Reality) 
  • What Are The Legal Documentations Needed?
  • Difference between Enterprise VS Sdn Bhd

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