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MISHU’s digital company secretary service is provided by qualified secretaries who are well versed with company law and procedure. As your company secretary, we will help you to prepare resolutions, attend board and shareholders’ meeting (physically or digitally), record meeting minutes, track filing deadlines and attend to your specific business needs.

There’s no completely replacing the human element yet when it comes to providing adequate company secretarial support. No worries, our company secretaries will still attend to you if you need to communicate with them physically.

Company secretary

Company Secretary Packages

All fees are charged annually
RM 60 /month
Essential Secretarial Services
+pay-as-you-use for add-ons
  • Two (2) licensed Company Secretaries with at least one (1) assistant
  • Registered office address
  • E-signature and online document storage
  • Maintenance of corporate records (share certificates, registers and minutes book)
  • Safekeeping of common seal and share certificates
  • One year of ad-hoc advice on secretarial, statutory, compliance and company structure matters
  • Monitoring of filing deadlines with SSM
  • Regular company law compliance updates and alerts through email and WhatsApp
  • Only pay for resolutions or forms upon request
* No lock-in period, refundable on a pro-rated basis
RM 180 /month
All-inclusive secretarial services for established businesses
  • All features in STANDARD plan
  • Unlimited standard resolutions
  • Bank account opening/closure
  • Appointment / resignation of directors
  • Change of business & accounting record address
  • Update of director's particular
  • Allotment & transfer of shares
  • Appoint, change of auditor & tax agent
  • Declaration of dividends
  • Beneficial Ownership reporting for up to 4 persons per year, Additional RM100/BO
  • Filing Annual Returns worth RM 450 (inclusive of SSM fee)
  • Filing Audited Report worth RM 150 (inclusive of SSM fee)
  • Drafting of company constitution 
  • Adoption, amendment, or abolishment of company constitution 
  • Change of company name 
  • CTC of any other documents
  • Purchase of company profile from SSM
  • Strike-off or winding-up
  • Declaration of dividends 
  • Allotment of new shares 
  • Transfer of existing shares
* Minimum 1 year lock-in period 

We currently serve businesses with digital company secretarial services.

Here’s what they have to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

An officer appointed by the director(s) and entrusted to ensure the business conducts itself in compliance with various statutory and regulatory requirements. Under Malaysian law, every company must appoint a Company Secretary and cannot remain without one for more than thirty (30) days.

Outsourcing allows SMEs to enjoy top expertise at competitive rates. They save on salaries, associated taxes, and benefits, all without compromising on quality of service

For starters, having an appointed Company Secretary is mandatory for all companies in Malaysia. However, there are definitely peak times when a business heavily relies on secretarial services and vice versa. Having a Company Secretary on retainer gives you the most cost-effective solution.

Yes! There should not be a minimum lock-in period because the law allows the board to appoint a new Company Secretary at any time.

They record and notify SSM of any changes (or lack thereof) in key company details. A Company Secretary also maintains company books, prepares meeting minutes and drafts official communications between the company and shareholders.

While Company Secretaries possess diverse skill sets, tasks such as accounting, legal counsel and taxation are not technically their responsibility, and should each be delegated to their respective professionals. That being said, there is no harm in asking politely!

Duties of a Company Secretary

Under Malaysian law, all companies must appoint a Company Secretary, and for good reason
– they have some heavy responsibilities:

Company Secretaries record and lodge any changes in key company details requiring notification of SSM in the relevant forms and within the required time period.

Company Secretaries advise the Board on relevant dates for holding annual general meetings, filing annual returns and financial statements, and any other submissions required to stay compliant with the law.

Company Secretaries ensure that board, general and extraordinary general meetings are carried out smoothly and in compliance with any binding agreements such as the Company Constitution and Shareholders’ Agreement.

Company Secretaries ensure the company complies with its constitution and draft/incorporate amendments in accordance with correct procedures.

Company Secretaries maintain up-to-date records on all matters related to company share structure and membership, and keep the company seal and original share certificates in safe custody.

Company Secretaries issue circular resolutions and documents to keep shareholders updated, and monitor changes to share structure to identify potential takeover bids, ultimate beneficial ownership of shareholdings, and general shareholder relations.

Company Secretaries advise the Board on proper corporate governance matters, helping directors fulfil their duties and enforcing compliance with company and securities laws.

Company Secretaries act as the primary point of contact between shareholders and director(s), and between the company and SSM. They play key roles in corporate exercises (merger, acquisition, disposal, winding up, etc), where they advise on and verify the integrity of all documentation and procedures.

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