Government Grants & Incentives
in Malaysia

Every year, the Malaysian government allocates millions of Ringgit to support businesses under a variety of programmes. We help you identify and qualify for the right ones to secure long-term success.

That’s right. With us, you CAN take things for granted!

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Benefits of Business Grants

The number one question everyone asks: "Why should I get a grant?"

zeo risk funds

Zero-Risk Funds

Because they do not need to be repaid, grants allow a business to fully pursue their business objectives without fear of going into debt.

financial security

Financial Security

For businesses with seasonal ups and downs in cash flow, access to a grant allows them to ride out slow months with peace of mind.

domino effect

Domino Effect

Businesses that have received and put grants to good use are more likely to receive future grants.

spotlights business

Spotlights Business

Securing grants is a good way to demonstrate trust in the integrity of your service, product and business as a whole.

Applicable Grants by the Malaysian Government:

Name Type Claimable expenses
  eTrade Grant maximum RM25,000
  Market Development Grant Grant maximum RM300,000
  Greater KL Live Lab Grant maximum RM70,000
  Young Agroprenuer Grant (GAM) Grant maximum RM20,000
  CIP SPARK Conditional grant up to RM150,000
  CIP SPRINT Conditional grant up to RM600,000
  Change Upgrade Product (CUP) Matching grant maximum RM60,000
  Service Export Fund (SEF) Grant/ Matching Grant up to RM1.3 million
  Gamelan 2022 Matching Grant up to RM200,000
  National Technology & Innovation Sandbox Fund Grant/ Matching Grant maximum RM4 million
  Industry4ward Matching Grant maximum RM500,000
  High Impact Product (HIP) Matching Grant maximum RM200,000
  Change Upgrade Product Matching Grant maximum RM60,000
  Semarak Niaga – Low Carbon Transition Facility Matching grant/loan up to RM10 million
  Business Accelerator Programme (BAP 4.0) Matching Grant maximum RM400,000
  Malaysia Grand Challenge Matching Grant maximum RM15 million
  SME LOAN Soft Loan maximum RM500,000
  SME Automation And Digitalisation Facility (ADF) Loan maximum RM3 million
  Micro Credit Scheme Loan maximum RM500,000
  Business Accelerator Program (BAP) Soft Loan Soft Loan maximum RM1 million
  Halal Technology Development Fund Loan maximum RM4 million
  Business Growth Fund Loan maximum RM10 million
  Business Start-up Fund Loan maximum RM5 million
  KONTRAK-I Financing Scheme Loan maximum RM100,000
  TEMANNITA Financing Scheme Loan maximum RM10,000
  Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED) Loan maximum RM200,000
  Special Business Financing Scheme for Women (DanaNITA) Loan maximum RM150,000
  Industry Value Chain Development Programme – (PRiN) Loan maximum RM1 million
  Express Contract Financing Scheme (SPiKE)/SPiKE GLC Loan maximum RM1 million
  Financing Scheme for Persons with Disabilities (OKU) Loan maximum RM50,000
  Financing Scheme for IPMA Graduates (SEMAi) Loan maximum RM50,000
  Technology Entrepreneur Financing Scheme (SPiM Tekno) Loan maximum RM500,000
  Kampung Baru Cina Financing (PKBC) Loan maximum RM50,000
  Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF) Loan maximum RM10 million
  All Economic Sector (AES) Facility Loan maximum RM5 million
  Youth / MARA Educational Institution Graduate Entrepreneur Programme (PUTRA) Loan maximum RM10,000
  BSN Micro/I Semarak Loan maximum RM50,000
  Disaster Relief Facility (DRF) 2022 Loan up to RM700,000
   Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED) Loan up to RM20,000
   Soft Financing Scheme for Automation & Modernisation (SFSAM) Loan up to RM20 million
   Business Recapitalisation Facility (BRF) Loan up to RM5 million
   Kampung Baru Cina Financing (PKBC) Loan up to RM50,000
   i-Tekad Programme Loan up to RM50,000
   Jumpstart Financing Scheme Loan maximum RM500,000
   MARA Integrated Smart Auto (MISA) Loan maximum RM1 million
   Indian Community Entrepreneur Development Scheme (SPUMI) Loan up to RM100,000
   Professional Financing Scheme (ProSPEC) Loan up to RM500,000
   Micro Enterprises Facility (MEF) Loan up to RM50,000
   SME Revitalisation Financing (SMERF) Loan up to RM250,000
   Soft Financing Scheme for SMEs (SFSME) Loan up to RM5 million
   Soft Financing Scheme for Digital & Technology (SFDT) Loan up to RM1 million
   PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme (PGGS) – SJPP) Loan up to RM50 million
   Business In Transformation (PERNAS) Loan up to RM500k (Pre-Franchisor) and up to RM25k (Pre- Franchisee)
   Mobile Business Financing Scheme (Mobile Business/Karavan) Loan maximum RM500,000
   Technical Entrepreneur Development Program (PUTEK) Loan maximum RM500,000
   MARA Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme (SJUM) Loan maximum RM2million
   Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneur Foundation Loan maximum RM30,000

The NUMBER ONE mistake business owners make:

Only applying for a grant when they are desperate for immediate funds!

By then, there’s a good chance it’s too late.
Don’t wait for a life or death situation before taking action.

MISHU finds and secures the best grants for your business

We’ve partnered with Jom Earn Global, Malaysia’s leading online government funding application platform to match businesses across all sizes and industries with the perfect funding schemes. Start-ups, small or medium-sized businesses, we got you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to repay the grants?

Nope! You don’t need to repay the grants. Just be sure you spend it on its intended purpose!

Are grants and loans the same?

As the bank will be happy to inform you, loans must be repaid, often with interest.

Is it hard to apply for grants?

Yes and no. While the process is open to all, it can be very time-consuming and detail-oriented, requiring an extensive amount of documentation about your business before you can even be considered.

How long does it take to get money from government grants?

Once you are approved for a grant, a date will be arranged for the fund transfer. However, expect it to take several months for the application to be approved.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a company secretary?

    A company secretary is an officer of a company (well, not the one you treat as your PA in the office). Under Malaysian law, every company must appoint a company secretary – it is compulsory, not an option. A company secretary has a huge responsibility to ensure the company’s paperwork is in order, filed on time and advise the board to always stay in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

    Why outsource company secretarial services?

    Only really big companies will have an in-house company secretary as their employee. Most SMEs in Malaysia outsource and appoint an external company secretary. This way they can save on salary and associated taxes and employee benefits.

    Can I appoint another company secretary if I am not too happy with my current one?

    Yes, of course. There should not be any minimum lock-in period because the law allows the board to appoint a new company secretary at any time. MISHU was created to provide transparent, efficient and innovative company secretary services. Switch to us if you like what we do here!

    Is company secretary a director of the company also?

    No, these are two different roles in the company. However, if the same person wants to be both, this is allowed under the Malaysian law, provided the company has more than 1 director.

    What documents does a company secretary prepare?

    To put it simply, whenever there is a change in director, auditor, shareholder, company secretary, share capital or the name of the company, you need to notify your company secretary to effect the change. The company secretary will prepare the necessary resolutions and forms and update SSM of such change. The company secretary will also keep register books and prepare minutes and official correspondences.

    Can I get all my professional services done by a company secretary?

    We all know how lucky it is if a company secretary can multi-task and do everything under the sun! Unfortunately, a company secretary can only do so much. Please do not treat your company secretary as your lawyer, accountant, tax advisor or even your PA. These are all different roles and should be performed by your respective professionals.

    Duties & Responsibilities

    as a Company Secretary

    Every company must appoint a company secretary under Malaysian law. But do you know what does a company secretary do? Let us tell you his/her duties and responsibilities:

    1. Updating the company’s statutory information

    The company secretary must ensure that any change in the statutory information below should be duly completed in the relevant prescribed forms and lodged with the SSM within the required period of time:
    • Removal of officers from office
    • Disqualification from holding office
    • Appointments/resignations/deaths
    • Annual return
    • Change of company name
    • Adoption, alteration and revocation of constitution
    • Issue, splitting, transfer of shares
    • Any other changes that require notification with SSM

    2. Reminding you on important dates

    The company secretary should advise the board of directors of the relevant dates for holding the company’s annual general meeting, filing annual return, submitting financial statement.

    3. Handling company’s board, general and extraordinary general meetings

    The company secretary’s role is purely administrative which includes the following:
    • Arranging and liaising with the chairman and/or managing director for agenda papers and items for the agenda
    • Providing general advice on matters relating to company secretarial matters
    • Booking and preparing the meeting room
    • Attending and taking down minutes of the meeting
    • Maintaining minute books
    • Following up on decisions made
    • Playing an advisory role to the chairman and the board of directors
    • Lodging statutory returns as appropriate
    • Certifying copies of minutes
    • Ensuring that correct meeting procedures are followed

    4. Compliance with company constitution

    The company secretary must ensure that the company complies with its constitution and drafting/incorporating amendments in accordance with correct procedures.

    5. Maintaining share registration and safe custody of documents

    The company secretary has a duty to maintain the company’s register of members, deal with transfer of shares and other matters relating to shareholding. He usually also keep in safe custody of the company seal and original share certificates.

    6. Coordinating with shareholders

    The company secretary maintains constant communication and acts as a link between the company and shareholders through circular resolutions, issues documents regarding rights issues and capitalisation issues, monitor changes within the register of members to identify potential takeover bid, make enquiries about the ultimate beneficial ownership of shareholdings, general shareholder relations, etc.

    7. Advising corporate governance

    The company secretary must keep himself abreast with the latest development of the company and securities laws so that he can always advise the board on proper corporate governance matters, assist directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities, compliance with company and securities laws and Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements (for public listed companies).

    8. Acting as an officer of the company and advisor to the Board

    The company secretary is the primary point of contact between shareholders and directors, and between company and SSM. He also plays a key role in the event of a corporate exercise (merger, acquisition, disposal, winding up) where he has a duty to ensure the effectiveness of all documentation, ensuring due diligence disclosures, enabling proper commercial evaluation prior to completion of a transaction and timely execution of documentation, etc.

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