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Switch to MISHU as your Company Secretary and enjoy the following perks & benefits. It’s only RM60 per month.

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How It Works

What You Get With MISHU
Go Digital paperless

Go Digital & Paperless

No more printing, scanning and emailing back to your secretary. Save the environment!

Hybrid delivery

Hybrid Delivery

Our services are delivered virtually and in-person, subject to your convenience.

Lifetime esignature

Lifetime E-signature

No more pen and paper. Sign documents virtually from any device in seconds.

End to end digital ecosystem

End-to-End Digital Ecosystem

We are a one-stop solution for your business process needs.


To Switch to MISHU
step1 notify your existing company secretary

Step 1

You notify your existing company secretary and settle all outstanding fees.
step2 liaise with your existing company secretary

Step 2

We liaise with your existing company secretary and prepare the necessary transfer documents.
step3 we submit the documents to SSM

Step 3

We submit the documents to SSM for approval.
step4 collect remaining documents from your existing company secretary

Step 4

We collect remaining documents from your your existing company secretary.

We'll Take Care of the Rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

I just appointed my existing company secretary. How soon can I replace them?

You can replace a company secretary at any time, but a replacement must be found within 30 days of termination/resignation.

How long does it take to switch to MISHU as my new company secretary?

On average, it takes about 5 business days, though your part is done the moment you inform your current secretary. We’ll handle the rest.

Are there any registration or processing fees to switch to MISHU?


Do I have to pay any penalty to my existing secretary?

Usually no penalty fee, but do check with your existing secretary first.

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