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If you guys want to start your own company, Mr. Alex and his team will absolutely do their best to help. All the ssm things will be settle, paperless service... read more

fara walli Avatar fara walli

Incorporated a company with the help of Mishu Team in mid July 2020, and now incorporated second company with them. Mishu Team provides professional advice and we feel assured with... read more

Vivian Ong Avatar Vivian Ong

MISHU has delivered efficient and good service in helping the setup of my Company. Has a team of very helpful and friendly staffs, the good service provided by Ms Shi... read more

Angie Ng Avatar Angie Ng

The services was amazing 🤩they guide very well for beginner who want open a company. Definitely will recommend to my friends

Fatin Syamimi Izzati Avatar Fatin Syamimi Izzati

Excellent services provided by Miss Stephanie. The explaination was very clear and easy to understand. No hidden charges, also transparently explain. Well done 👍

JoeStylo Anglers Avatar JoeStylo Anglers

I had been intern in marketing team here with MISHU for 10 weeks, the experience is awesome. Is really place to learn , totally different comparing to my friend. Best... read more

Chi Yan Avatar Chi Yan

Amazing and knowledgeable agency. I spoke to Rochelle and for the next 45 mins she was a wealth of knowledge and was not stingy with information whilst being extremely helpful.... read more

Aly Nah (Dr Aly) Avatar Aly Nah (Dr Aly)

Great service, efficient communication and a really easy way to engage company secretary with lots of help and support to get the right deal!

Terrence Tan Avatar Terrence Tan

It's a very professional company. Managed everything from the start of the company, worked quickly and explained the details well. make you easy to understand If you... read more

Michael Yang Avatar Michael Yang

Excellent service!! Been with MISHU for 1 year and so far the service has been really good. They are quick to respond to your queries and have always prepared all... read more

Kean Seng Ho Avatar Kean Seng Ho

Setting up a company has never been more convenient and accessible! A big thanks to the sales team and the company secretary who are able to get things done... read more

Jason Kang Avatar Jason Kang

Highly efficient and helpful team. Working with Mishu is smooth and effortless. A good place to start for new business owners.

April Amoretto Avatar April Amoretto

Mishu team is very easy to work with and very responsive + helpful. Would recommend their service to anyone seeking a helpful partner to look after cosec and licensing requirements.... read more

Rouvin Thiruchelvam Avatar Rouvin Thiruchelvam

Absolutely fantastic service. I got my company incorporated in a week, and my bank acc done the following week. Best part is, everything is online bro. Where got people... read more

mohd nadzri Avatar mohd nadzri

I discovered MiShu through google and I must say, I am very lucky to have discovered Mishu. Mishu has a very dedicated team that specializes in what you need.... read more

S Wng Avatar S Wng

I have a pleasant experience with MISHU in incorporate a new company. They provides prompt and professional services to us. Appreciated and highly recommended

Deng Yuan Koay Avatar Deng Yuan Koay

Very efficient and affordable Corp Services for Malaysia operations. They always have been reactive to any request I had, with a smile! Highly recommended.

Jerome Remeur Avatar Jerome Remeur

The Mishu team were super helpful, professional and patient throughout my business registration process. I would highly recommend their business advisory and registration services !! 🤩🤩🤩

Suhaila Suboh Avatar Suhaila Suboh

Discovering Mishu is a blessing because they helped to get my company setup swiftly and affordably. No hidden costs and surprises throughout the journey as everything is explained in detailed.... read more

Mei Lin Ng Avatar Mei Lin Ng

Recently sign up their company for SSM registration, the service is good and very convenient, all things just done it online , no need go the site. Message reply is... read more

Lee Chia Ling Avatar Lee Chia Ling

MISHU has many connection with bankers and has helped my company to get an account opened the next day without having to fill up any bank documentation or appointment. Banker... read more

3A Trading Avatar 3A Trading

Thanks Mishu ! For providing us great and helpful service when you are no direction what'sthe next. They do help us make things easy n solve. Professional fee are reasonable... read more

Yi Ren亿仁 Avatar Yi Ren亿仁

Thank you Alex & Fatin all thru the smooth process.Your's deal were in professional way and i will refer to my friends.Charges also comparable with others.100% guaranteed.

Elangovan Murugesan Avatar Elangovan Murugesan

Thank you MISHU. Thank you Rochelle. Great service, it is very professional, swift and direct. We will be back to MISHU in the future for their services. 100% RECOMMENDED!

kendrick jing Avatar kendrick jing

Highly recommended. Started 2 different Sdn Bhd's with them. Maybe a 3rd one on the way. Fast, reliable and to the point. Being friendly and helpful are their plus... read more

Daniel Tan Avatar Daniel Tan

Very quick response and knowledgeable company secretary. Best is when you have any question you can just ask them and they will usually respond quite fast. They have many team... read more

Tevis Lee Avatar Tevis Lee

The service is good; the response is fast. I never thought incorporating a company will be so simple. The price is affordable too. Thank you, Alex and Elvina. Both of... read more

Wong Wei Sheng Avatar Wong Wei Sheng

Very glad with the service provided by the professional team! You'll be amazed that it is very easy, fast & hassle free to let Mishu handle your new company incorporation!

you yan hue Avatar you yan hue

It was a wonderful experience in setting up a new enterprise with MISHU. Ms Eileen was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole process even when encountered with some technical... read more

Amy Wong Avatar Amy Wong

The team at Mishu handled our corporate incorporation with great professionalism and advised us every stage of the way in ensuring we understood the local operating standards. Their package rate... read more

Jui Bian Tan Avatar Jui Bian Tan

Micho is a professional company that helped my facilitate all of my company's incorporation work. Their customer service representatives are really kind, helpful, and cooperative. I will surely continue dealing... read more

The Cute Avatar The Cute

I’m from Bidayuh Baker, a bakery in Bangsar South area.. MISHU has done a great job, efficient, staffs are friendly & helpful. Thank you !

Molly sam Avatar Molly sam

I have a pleasant journey with MISHU in incooperated my new company. For a newbie like me, they are patient to answer all my questions. Good customer service. Thanks a... read more

Syabil Sukor Avatar Syabil Sukor

Professional service, clear explanation & prompt feedback within the same day for all company secretary related queries. Just completed my annual return, all done seamlessly online, zero paperwork, just love... read more

Joshua Yeo Avatar Joshua Yeo

I'm super delighted by how seamless and professional the registration process has been, and MISHU's team has been thoroughly helpful in every step of the way, from filling out the... read more

Dayana Sobri Avatar Dayana Sobri

Silky smooth! Excellent and efficient services provided by Ms. Rochelle and Ms. Shi Yun of MISHU from start to incorporation of my new company. Many thanks for the wholesome advisory... read more

Cheeks Ng Avatar Cheeks Ng

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