Biztory is a cloud accounting software that aims to help SMEs all over the world.

What do we mean by cloud? Cloud base software works just like your typical Google Docs, or iCloud, where everything is online based. With Biztory, you can now see your company’s progress and cash flow wherever you are, as long as you have internet. Our team in Biztory provides our customers with the most trustworthy cloud-based data protection. As we believe in taking care of our customer’s privacies.

No idea how to manage your business accounting due to lack of accounting knowledge? 

You plan to buy accounting software but it is too expensive for you? 

Finding solutions to solve all of these problems?

Now, you may ease all your accounting problems with Biztory starting from as low as 
RM 99/month.

Biztory is a cloud accounting software that aims to help
SMEs all over the world.


The idea behind this software is to help people to run

and maintain their businesses successfully, especially SMEs.


And over the years, Biztory has helped many SMEs in

managing their finances and businesses

Biztory is powering over 6,000 SMEs across 60 cities nationwide to produce RM27,000,000 worth of invoices each month.

Biztory provides the user with an automated accounting system and user-friendly interface where people may easily manage and monitor their business as everything is designed in the simplest form.

Specialties of Biztory

Instant secure data and backup on the cloud

Work remotely in the Cloud and you will have no worries of missing transactions and statements.

Now everyone can do accounting

With the user-friendly software interface, you can handle accounting tasks without the need for accounting knowledge!

Access through any device anytime anywhere

With the core design concept of mobility and flexibility, you can easily access Biztory through any desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartphones!

Always be ready to provide assistance

Always ready to assist you with professional and experienced customer support in solving any troubles.

Grab this chance to experience the benefits of Biztory cloud accounting within 30 days of Free Trial!

Biztory 6 key features

Automated Bookkeeping

Manage your business without the need to outsource


Manage and send your invoice anytime, anywhere

Cloud Storage

Store all your important documents safe and sound on the cloud.

Recurring bill

Sit back and automatically create your recurring bill with a click.

Payment gateway

Easily settle payment process
with a click

Customer support

Always ready to manage your feedback effectively.

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Biztory FAQ

The plan provided for 30 days free trial is M Plan where you may try out the complete features of Biztory.

Yes! You can choose to subscribe to Biztory services once you have tried our trial version.

In Biztory, there is a function that allows you to send documents such as invoices and quotations to your client by email. E-invoicing quota is the limit of emails you can send using Biztory every month.

P. S. Your e-invoicing quota will not affect the number of invoices you can key-in to Biztory, and it will be refreshed every month.

All new subscribers are eligible to enjoy one training for free. However, Biztory also offers on-site training for your company on certain charges.

A user is an account that you use to login to Biztory and perform any task. Yes, You can log in to the same account using different devices.

No, it is impossible to add multiple companies in one Biztory account. Biztory treats the data registered in your account as one company.

Yes, you may tell Biztory and Biztory will allow you to monitor the performance of multiple branches under one company

After you have chosen your subscription plan, proceed to fill in the details, and you can pay using your credit card or debit card.

Yes, a notification will appear in your Biztory account when your subscription is about to end. An email will also be sent to your registered email address.

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