About Finworld

Finworld is a forward-looking company focused on the investment solutions that are needed. We connect investors to a dynamic network of data and information in the stock market – delivering share price movement and financial results of the listed companies.

We've got you covered.

  1. Malaysia stock market data
  2. Technical indicators
  3. Technical screeners
  4. Listed company annual performance
  5. Fundamental filters
  6. Big data analysis for listed company performance
  7. Big data analysis for share price
  8. Big player analysis
  9. SME performance analysis
  10. TRI indicators to detect the safety margin
  11. Detector for share price sentimental


  • Daily indices and sectors’ performance
  • Daily share price performance


  • Detecting trend (up, down or sideway) using indicators
  • Analysing overbought and oversold stocks

SME Performance Analysis

  • Key in your company financial performance
    and click calculate
  • The results are compared with the listed companies

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