Let us help you create your business
funding strategy roadmap precisely.

In Get Funded, we only have one mission, which is to help every business growth.

Our target is to solve the problems of funding and talent shortage in Small Medium Business (SME). Through our professional fundraising strategy, business advisory and education, we are able to provide the best solution for entrepreneur, regardless of industry.

Why choose Get Funded:

   We provide professional funding consultation.
   We provide solution to businesses who face difficulties.
   We help business owners to set out their business model blueprint.
   We provide precise target market analysis.
   We provide sound financial projection that is applicable in the eye of investor.
   We create precise and neatly designed pitch deck.


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fundraising strategy class

companies successfully fundraised

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Fundraising Bootcamp

3 Ultimate Models to become a megacorporation for entrepreneurs to master within 3 days intensive bootcamp:

  1.  Business Model: finding the right positioning and target of the company, in order to compete with intense competition
  2.  Operation Model: Operation and distribution of team will determine the speed of growth of a business.
  3.  Capital Model: Wise application of capital to expand the business.


Customisation of Fundraising Proposal

  • Professional diagnosis on project and fundraising planning
  • Provides professional development advise based on the nature of the business project
  • Tailor-made business proposal, financial projection statements, business expansion plan

Get Funded Business Proposal Service Packages:

Business Proposal

What's included :
  • Pitch Deck
  • Fact Sheet
  • Term Sheet
  • Business Expansion Plan

Premium Business Proposal & Finance Package

What's included :
  • Pitch Deck
  • Fact Sheet
  • Term Sheet
  • Business Expansion Plan
  • Comprehensive Financial Report
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Break-even Analysis

Business Finance

What's included :
  • Comprehensive Financial Report
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Equity Valuation Analysis
  • Break-even Analysis


This could be your pitch deck to breathe life into your next big idea!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of business proposal to my business?

A good business proposal will ensure everyone in the company has a clear direction moving forward, good understanding on the positioning, vision and mission of the company, for the purposes of strengthening the company from top to bottom and keeping talents. Further, business proposal covers useful and powerful company information such as its market shares and competitive landscape.

2. What is the hidden benefit of business proposal?

  • Attract good and talented entrepreneur into the company in order to have good.
  • Attract capital into the company in order to swiftly acquire market share and continuously increase company’s valuation.
  • To be recognised by society and the public can know the valuation of the company.

3. Is fundraising suitable for startup or Small Medium Company (SME) ?

Yes, regardless if you are from a startup, SME or corporation, fundraising should be carried out continually to develop your business, in order to prevent your company is being eliminated.

4. Why is professional guidance necessary for fundraising planning?

In order for investor to understand your business better, your fundraising planning requires professional guidance and practical experience to help you understand the objectives and way of thinking of the investor clearly.


People who wants to expand his/her business.

Invest money

People who requires funding for his/her business.

People who want to transform his/her business.

People who is looking for potential investor for his/her business.

Let GetFunded assist you in your company’s path to its peak.

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