About Maxis Business

Maxis is the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia providing a variety of high quality digital services encompassing voice, data, and solutions. We are passionate about bringing together the best of technology to help people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in an evolving world.


As digitalisation is changing the way we communicate and access services such as commerce, banking, and entertainment, we at Maxis, continue to innovate our products and services leveraging from our leading mobile offerings.


Not only are we motivated to ensure our products are consumer-relevant and are of high quality, we are committed to deliver the best experience to our customers through a single point-of-contact. Through our range of worry-free, flexible and personalised mobile and fixed connectivity as well as solutions, we are empowering our consumers to adapt and navigate their lifestyles in an increasingly digital world.

How can I keep my business always on?

Get up to 800Mbps superfast speeds and keep your business constantly connected with automatic wireless internet and voice backup.

Benefits of Maxis Business Fibre

Reliable and scalable

Stay confidently connected with the only business fibre that comes with automatic wireless internet and voice backup, plus grows according to your needs.


Protect your customers and employees from malware and stay protected with automatic software upgrades by CISCO.

Up to 40% savings

Free Maxis to Maxis calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks and savings on equipment costs with a voice and data solution using internet-based calls.

Choose the right Maxis Business Fibre plan for your business

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Fibre 800Mbps

Recommended for offices with
80 employees

From RM349/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line

Fibre 500Mbps

Recommended for offices with
60 employees

From RM269/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line

Fibre 300Mbps

Recommended for offices with
40 employees

From RM199/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line

Fibre 100Mbps

Recommended for offices with
30 employees

From RM139/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line

Fibre 30Mbps

Recommended for offices with
10 employees

From RM99/mth
With 1 Unlimited IP voice line


  • Click here for more 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans.
  • All 300Mbps – 800Mbps plans come with 2 mesh WiFi units & free Internet Security.
  • Click here to read the quick steps to get Maxis Business Fibre for your business.
  • You may get the Fixed IP service as an add-on for only RM200/mth.

How can I get a flexible mobile plan that can be tailored to my business needs?

Maxis Business Postpaid allows you to have full control to manage and
share data, add lines, and upgrade devices anytime.

Benefits of Maxis Business Fibre

Flexibility to choose the right plan

Choose the right plan for you and your employees.

Flexibility to Share and Allocate

Allocate the right amount of data for each employee and avoid wastage.

Flexibility to add on lines

Add on more lines as your company grows.

Flexibility to purchase devices

Use your FlexiFund to select devices of your choice within 24 months.

Choose the right plan for your business

Postpaid 98

All Day Data



Unlimited calls & SMS 
to all local networks

*Upgrade to 50GB All Day Data for an additional RM10/mth

Postpaid 128

All Day Data



Unlimited calls & SMS 
to all local networks

Postpaid 158

All Day Data



Unlimited calls & SMS 
to all local networks

Postpaid 188

All Day Data



Unlimited calls & SMS 
to all local networks

Here’s what you can also enjoy when you sign up for Maxis Business Postpaid.

Add extra share lines for your workers

Get the Maxis Business Postpaid Share 48 as an additional share line at RM48/mth for your employees to enjoy 30GB of mobile data (shareable) and unlimited calls & SMS to all numbers.

Get devices and accessories with your FlexiFund

Choose from a wide range of smartphones, tablets, ruggedized devices, power banks, headphones and chargers within 24 months of registration.

Manage your services with Maxis Business Hub

Gain access to the Maxis Business Hub to easily manage your Maxis Business Postpaid plans.

Business Roaming

Enjoy roaming when you travel overseas with a flat rate of RM38/day in 106 countries.

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