Smart Workplace

RICOH empowers people through a digital change that is tailormade to connect everything or a seamless workplace experience. With many problems to be solved around workers, society and social interactions, Ricoh will provide more solutions with advancements towards the future with ‘Empowering Digital Workplaces’ through a Smart Workplace.

The road to digitalization is all about making a mark in creating a SMART WORKPLACE for your business, our solutions encompass the 3 main elements of achieving ‘Employee Satisfaction & Wellness’, ‘Workplace Environment’ and ‘Innovative Technology  & Services’.

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Change & Empower

Employee Satisfaction is taking the steps in digital change and generating results in employee wellness.

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Designed to Empower

Create a User Experience for the Workplace environment that is designed and tailored to empower through Ricoh’s technology and services for workplaces. Making your workspaces more efficient, more productive and more collaborative in nature.

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Connect & Empower

Connects everything in your office and workspaces for a seamless experience.

Ricoh Smart Workplace extend to all business verticals, from corporate offices, colleges, universities, warehouses or retail.

Smart Workplace comprises off:

  • Smart Visitor Management
  • Smart Meeting Rooms
  • Smart Signages / Digital Boards
  • Smart Security Control
  • Smart Facilities Management
  • Smart Device Management

Through Smart Workplace planning, we help customers identify workplace challenges, opportunities and make recommendations to integrate solutions, software, applications together with building systems.

Workplace experience improves work productivity according to 79% of executives

(Source: Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report)

Drop of between 30-40% in employee productivity due to poor workplace utilization

(Source: JLL Global Research)

Open work environment increases worker productivity by 16%

(Source: Telsyte Australiana Smart Workplace Study)