Premium provider of Estate Planning, Will Writing & Trust services.

Rockwills is the first company in Malaysia to specialise in personalised and professional estate planning, comprising will-writing, trust, custody and advisory services.

Launched on August 23rd 1995, the company has over 3,000 trained Rockwills Estate Planners who can visit you are your convenience in the comfort and privacy of your home of office to help you complete your estate plan.

| Why choose us?

More than 25 years in Estate Planning

More Than 30 Full Time Legal Advisors​

Covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

Provide Tailor-Made Comprehensive Will and Trust Solutions

Have Assets Under Trust (AUT) of Over RM20 Billion

Regular Seminars and Workshops​

Our BVPT ensures a smooth transition of the business to the other co-owner(s) and the value of your share of the business is protected against an event such as death, incapacity, ill health, retirement, disappearance for an agreed period.

Our BVPT consists of :