Premium provider of Estate Planning, Will Writing & Trust services.

Rockwills is the first company in Malaysia to specialise in personalised and professional estate planning, comprising will-writing, trust, custody and advisory services.

Launched on August 23rd 1995, the company has over 3,000 trained Rockwills Estate Planners who can visit you are your convenience in the comfort and privacy of your home of office to help you complete your estate plan.

| Why choose us?

More than 25 years in Estate Planning

More Than 30 Full Time Legal Advisors​

Covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

Provide Tailor-Made Comprehensive Will and Trust Solutions

Have Assets Under Trust (AUT) of Over RM20 Billion

Regular Seminars and Workshops​

Our BVPT ensures a smooth transition of the business to the other co-owner(s) and the value of your share of the business is protected against an event such as death, incapacity, ill health, retirement, disappearance for an agreed period.

Our BVPT consists of :

Buy-Sell or Cross Option Agreement

Covering the terms of the sale and purchase including the agreed share valuation method, events triggering a sale and purchase of the shares, funding and mode of payment.

Power of Attorney

Authorizing Rockwills Trustee Bhd to transfer the shares/interests to the other co-owner(s) upon the occurrence of the agreed events triggering the sale of the shares/interests.

Trust Deed

Each co-owner will provide their own trust instructions to Rockwills Trustee Bhd for distribution of the sale proceeds to their beneficiaries.

Life insurance policy

It is used as the funding, allowing the remaining co-owners to purchase the shares/interest of the outgoing co-owner without having the need to raise money through borrowings.

A comprehensive estate plan should include the following features:

  • Proper disposition of assets including cancellation of liabilities and protection from creditors
  • Shorten undesirable long legal process
  • Ensuring effective execution and avoiding disputes
  • Providing sufficient funds for sustenance of family and dependants and in case of incapacity
  • Strategies to maintain liquidity and tax efficiency
  • Maintaining control through properly structured trusts, prevent squandering and providing incentives
  • Appointing a licensed professional trust corporation as personal representative to ensure efficient and impartial execution
  • Preserving confidentiality of specific shareholdings
  • Protecting the value of business through setting up proper business succession planning
  • Protecting and preserving wealth through the use of special purpose vehicles or instruments over multiple generations if desired
  • I have no Will
  • I have a Will but it may not reflect my present position
  • I am no longer in touch with the appointed executor / guardian
  • I have not tracked my assets and liabilities properly
  • My children are minors
  • I have spouse / child who do not know the value of money
  • My children are beneficiaries to my insurance policy but they are still young
  • I have a child with special needs
  • I have dependents outside my family
  • I am not sure who to trust to manage my wealth after I am gone
  • My son / daughter-in- law often asks for money
  • My spouse is unfamiliar with business / financial matters
  • My marital status has changed recently
  • I am not sure if my funds can be accessed when I am mentally / physically incapacitated
  • I have acquired some new asset/s which are not in my Will
  • I have assets in joint names
  • I have assets overseas
  • I would like to give something back to society but do not know how
  • I am a Muslim convert and wonder what will happen to my estate
  • I work well with my business partners but their heirs may be a problem
  • I am concerned that my business becomes fragmented when inherited by my children
  • I would like to see my family business continuing through the generations
  • My business is exposed to high risks
  • Some of my assets are held in nominee names

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