Corporate Insurance

Corporate Insurance

Your safety is your choice but the risks that you'll face are not!

Many businesses have opted for corporate insurance to protect their businesses from risks like theft, property damages, financial losses and staff health. By purchasing insurance, a business can cut their losses significantly since they are covered by their chosen insurance company.

Why corporate insurance?

A good boss is a person who cares about their company and their employees.


Buying an insurance is to get extra protection on your assets. You can reduce so much
losses just by getting an insurance policy for your employees and your business.

Do you know that insurance can help you gain investors? People will see that your
company is greatly secured which gives a peace of mind for those who wants to partner up
with you.

Safety AND profit? That’s two birds with one stone!

Types of Corporate Insurance




Corporate Health Insurance

Provides a comprehensive coverage on health including hospitalization, critical illness, preventive health check-up, ambulance and more. 

Corporate Medical Insurance

Covers hospitalization at least over 24 hours, specified diseases and a specified amount. 

Corporate Life Insurance

Covers the debts, funeral expenses and provide a financial cushion for family after death.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Covers any unforeseen situations such as medical or travel-related adversities that may disrupt the business trip.

Corporate Car Insurance

Provides coverage in case of accidents, theft, fire damage or any 3rd party damages.

Corporate Insurance vs SOCSO

There are several differences between Corporate Insurance and SOCSO that you should know about.



Corporate Insurance



Not compulsory

A compulsory contribution by the employers


Based on the chosen policy

Based on employee’s salary

Aspects of cover

Either medical or finance

Both medically and financially


Basic with additional payment for extra

Complete with no extra charges


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about corporate and employee insurance?

Corporate insurance is an optional policy for the employers to providae while employee insurance is compulsory.

I already have SOCSO, why should I pay for insurance?

You can opt to not pay for insurance, but you might not get extra protection from any risks you face.  It’s totally up to you. 

If my company has less than fifty employees, should I get the corporate insurance?

Your company size doesn’t matter when it comes to insurance. Your employees are the most important asset to your company so it should be a priority to give them protection.

What’s the best insurance I should get?

Generally, life insurance is the best you can get for yourself or anyone in your life. Though you might want to consider other insurance like car, travel or medical insurance. 

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