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Every successful business has a team of hardworking individuals. It is up to Human Resources Management to manage these individuals.

Human Resources (HR) is defined as the department in a company that is typically in charge of recruiting, filtering and training talents or job applicants. Thus, It is crucial for a business to have its own human resources department or team to be able to manage every human element in an organization.

Why is Human Resources important?

While you’re outside forging relationships and building a name for yourself, the last thing you want is for your employees to leave due to dissatisfaction during your absence.

Human Resource Management is your eyes ‘inside’ your company, while you’re ‘outside’.

Every organization should always have a responsible Human Resource team capable of solving or even preventing internal conflicts in an organization.

So how do you create a ‘capable’ Human Resource team? For some, the solution is to hire an experienced Human Resource team, for others, it is to train one. While this might be a great solution, it is without a doubt that both ways might be costly or timely, which are both elements a company might not have.

Thus, our HR consulting department is set out to provide aid through our consultation service to new businesses or even businesses that require our opinion related to Human Resources.

Human Resources Consultation Services

With the understanding of the importance of Human Resources in a company, these are the detailed services that our experts have expertise in for our HR consulting process.

But wait… What do they mean?

Fear not! Let us explain!

Any existing HR policies or procedures will be required to be reviewed every 1 to 3 years.

Every applicant will be required to go through a background check to determine if he is a good fit for the company.

The overall procedure of finding out, obtaining, filtering, shortlisting, interviewing candidates for a job

The general delivery or execution of daily HR tasks that include support and providing service to employees that will ultimately aid an organization’s growth.

The procedure of collecting information such as education requirements, daily tasks and responsibilities about a certain job position that is in need.

Programs that are designed to enhance or maintain the satisfaction of an employee towards a company.

Develop and maintain or establish a positive and good relationship with a company’s employees.

When any complaint is made by an employee, HRs will need to take immediate action to begin investigations to tackle the problem.

A software that is designed solely to keep track and optimize an employee’s working hours and wages or salary paid.

Software that is responsible of all aspects of employee payroll and tax filling.

Held when an employee leaves the organization. Normally used to identify the turnover rates and understand the concerns of an employee to make the organization a better place for future employees.

A document that contains the operational procedures of an organization which an employee should follow or obey.

The change and constant improvement of the organizational structures through performance and talent management, employee wellness and diversity.

The creation of a set of questionnaires that purpose is to understand employees’ feedback about their job satisfaction or circumstances.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

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HR Consulting?
Why would I need an HR consultant?

An experienced HR might not come cheap while an inexperienced HR might not be properly equipped to deal with different situations. Our HR  consultant service can provide advice for you to refer to and solve your HR problems.

What is a one-off HR consultation?

If your business is facing a difficult situation, you can choose to use our HR consulting services once to solve that problem and part ways once the issue has been resolved. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR consultancy?

An outsourced HR consultant can help save costs as a team of HR specialists will have their own knowledge and resources to solve HR problems. Our HR consultants also take pride in staying up to date with the legal requirement. Rest assured that your business will remain compliant if our consultants are on the job!

How much am I looking at for these HR consultation services?

Our services have reasonable and customizable prices which are based on the service itself and the duration of the service. Do contact us for more information!

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