Don't have a director that resides in Malaysia?

If you are a foreigner and are not residing in Malaysia, you cannot set up and run a business in Malaysia. While you are searching for the right local partner, we can help you to appoint a qualified nominee local director for your Malaysian company. 

We provide this service as a temporary convenience to you as we understand how it might be a hassle to source for a reliable local partner without the proper local connections prior to entering into the Malaysian market. 

We will hand-over the directorship to your local partner once you have identified one.

Nominee Director

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Registration of LLP

Due to the liability and non-executive nature of our nominee director service, the service is subject to the following non-exhaustive terms and conditions:

  • Pass our KYC compliance check 
  • Take up of our company secretarial services 
  • Appointment of at least one other director (100% foreign is ok) who will act as an executive director 
  • Take up our tax and accounting partner’s services 
  • Submit a copy of the monthly bank statement to our nominee director for review 
  • Provide a refundable security deposit starting from RM 5,000. The deposit may increase if the company’s turnover is higher than RM500,000 per year, has high share capital, high external debt, runs a regulated business, or hires many local and foreign staff in Malaysia
  • You are not a citizen in, or you do business with customers from, the countries listed under the US Sanctions list


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to appoint a nominee director?

Yes, appointing a nominee director is legal under Malaysian law, but we recommend that you should also enter into agreements with your nominee director to protect each other’s interests and rights. 

What are the powers and roles of a nominee director?

A nominee director is usually appointed just to fulfil the statutory compliance requirements. His powers are limited as in he is not allowed to run the day-to-day financial or operational matters of your business, be a bank signatory, sign any invoice, contract or legal documents on behalf of your business.    

What are the liabilities of a nominee director?

All directors are legally responsible and accountable for legal compliance, including the nominee director. In the event the foreign director is not reachable, the nominee director will be responsible. That’s why our nominee director assumes high potential risks and he will require deposit to safeguard his interests and liabilities.  

Can I terminate the nominee director at any time?

Yes, you can terminate our nominee director service at any time by providing us with the details regarding an alternate local resident director. We will prepare the necessary paperwork, file the change with authorities and promptly refund the security deposit back to you.

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