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Ever heard of a shelf company? They go by different names such as blank slate company, ready-made company or ready off-shelf company. Regardless of the different names, they share the same idea, which is a legally registered company that is dormant and is planned to be sold to another owner.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right, a shelf company is literary a put-on-a-shelf- ready-to-be-sold type of company.

Why Shelf Company?

As we all may know, starting and ending a business is typically a time-consuming process filled with paperwork that everyone might not want to go through.

For a BUYER:

Buying a shelf or ready-made company means that they can start their business immediately with significantly less paperwork to deal with.

A client might want to pay immediately and will require an existing bank account to legitimately receive the money paid.

Requires a loan for his / her business or even bid on a contract, buying a well-established or credible shelf company would give the buyer an upper hand. In most situations, a company’s longevity and initial paid-up capital create legitimacy.

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Shelf Company vs Shell Company

A common misconception that we have is the difference between Shelf and Shell company.

Shelf Company Shell Company
A legitimate company that is created and ran business with. A company that has little to insignificant economic value.
Comes with business assets. Typically is without a business premise.
Legitimate businesses that are dormant and are put on shelves for sale. Sometimes created to conduct one-time transactions and then closed down.

Precautions of Buying a Shelf Company

While we understand that you’re thrilled to buy yourself a shelf company, these are some of matters to be aware of.

Legal Issues

While it is technically legal to buy a shelf company, there are also scenarios where these companies are bought with the wrong intentions such as tax evasion or receiving illegal “payments”.

Outstanding Liabilities

Always ask for a company’s due diligence or a shelf company verification report before any purchase to be sure if the business was involved in any tax issues or other unaccomplished obligations.

Why choose us?

Simple, we are the masters of our craft.

Our Expertise

We take pride in what we do as your one-stop digital company secretary. As company secretaries, we are very fond of the small details in businesses. So, rest assured that we filter our selection of businesses available in our list.

Our Selection of Shelf Companies

We prioritize the companies that we have incorporated ourselves from a clean slate while other companies have gone through our serious inspection and carefully vetted before taking over. Rest assured you can have a pleasant experience browsing through our selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a shelf company legal?

Buying a shelf company is completely legal as the business itself is a legally registered company that is only dormant for some time.

What can I do with a shelf company?

A shelf company is the same as any business company, so anything that a normal company can do a shelf company is too able to do so. This also includes complying with legal requirements.

How do I get myself a shelf company?

Contact us to get our latest selection of shelf companies and the price based on your requirements. Once everything is confirmed, it is just a simple process of transferring the ownership of your desired company to you.

Why choose Shelf company over starting a new business?

Purchasing shelf companies gives business owners the upper edge when applying for a loan or pitching as a well-established company has better credentials compared to a startup.

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