LLP Registration
In Malaysia

For professionals who value protection. If you do not want to incorporate a company, the other option is to register a limited liability partnership (LLP). An LLP is a combination of the characteristics of a private limited company and the traditional concept of a partnership.

MISHU simplifies the registration process to just a few clicks. Fill out the form, select the desired services and we will take care of the rest. You get your new LLP set up in 3-5 business days.

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LLP Registration In Malaysia

Requirements to Register an LLP

Do you have what it takes? Here’s a quick checklist of the minimum requirements
two partners

Two (2) Partners

May be individuals or bodies corporate, with no restriction on maximum number of partners.

two compliance officer

Two (2) Compliance Officers

The primary compliance officer must be at least 18 years old, reside in Malaysia, and be qualified to act as a Company Secretary under the Companies Act 2016. In addition, one of the partners must also be registered as the secondary compliance officer.

lawful purpose

Lawful Purpose

For any business for the purpose of making a profit.

LLP agreement

LLP Agreement

Under the law, an LLP must have an LLP Agreement to govern the relationship between the partners. MISHU can provide a standard LLP Agreement.

No Hidden Fees With Us

Here’s what you pay and everything we promise to do:

Our Incorporation Services Include The Following:

  • Verify availability of proposed LLP name
  • Prepare and file all registration forms with SSM
  • Check in with you via email, WhatsApp or phone call for any clarification
  • Prepare appointment of Compliance Officers
  • Prepare a resolution to open a bank account
  • Prepare one (1) set of certified copy of registration forms
  • Obtain Certificate of Registration
  • Provision of registered address
  • Draft standard LLP agreement
  • Deliver a welcome kit to your home/office in Malaysia together with the incorporation documents and certificate of incorporation
RM 1,888
(inclusive of RM500 SSM registration fees)


To register your company.
step1 choose company name

Choose a Company Name

step2 Select Your Services

Select Your Services

Step3 Fill up the Form

Fill up the Form

We will Take Care of the Rest!

We've Helped Many Entrepreneurs Start Their LLC.

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Pre-registration Checklist for LLP

What you need to prepare in order to setup your LLP in Malaysia

Pre registration checklist for LLP EN ver

    Frequently Asked Questions

    *Startups/new enterprises
    *Professionals (solopreneurs, accountants, company secretaries)
    *Joint venture entities
    *Venture capital entities

    *Instead of shares, ownership of each partner in an LLP is represented by an allocation of partnership units corresponding to their capital contribution. *There is no requirement to submit audited financial statements to SSM - though it is still important to maintain records.
    *Instead of directors and shareholders; there are Compliance Officers and partners. Learn more about the benefits of an LLP here.

    Any individual or body corporate (whether in or outside Malaysia) may be registered as a partner, with no limit to the maximum number of partners.

    Yes, but it must appoint a corporate representative to act for the body corporate.

    Yes, but he must appoint a Malaysian to be the Compliance Officer. Foreigner cannot be Compliance Officer.

    * The LLP itself enjoys low tax rate similar to Sdn Bhd i.e. 17% for income below RM600,000, thereafter 24% flat rate.
    * For individual partners, their partner's drawing from the LLP will be subject to their personal income tax rate and if it is a body corporate, it will be taxed at the corporate tax rate.

    Any qualified person under the Companies Act 2016, which includes partners in the LLP. If the person is an individual, he or she must be a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident in Malaysia.

    Including but not limited to: registering any changes in key details of the LLP, keeping and maintaining records of the LLP, advising partners to ensure compliance with LLP law and lodging annual declarations with SSM.

    No, the LLP must be closed down and the new Sdn Bhd will be incorporated thereafter.

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