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Trademark What is a Trademark

What Is A Trademark?

The term 'trademark' refers to a recognisable insignia, phrase, word, or symbol that denotes a specific product or service and legally differentiates it from all other products of its kind. A trademark exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company's ownership of the brand.

In simple English: it's a text or visual element that has become synonymous with your company, giving you the legal right to prohibit potential competitors from using it to deceive customers.

What Can Be Trademarked In Malaysia?

The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) recognises 45 classes of trademarks which can be separated into two (2) main categories:
Goods (TM) : Class 1 – Class 34
Services (SM) : Class 35 – Class 45

Trademark what can be trademarked

List Of Trademark Classes

Goods (TM)


Class 1



Class 2


Class 3

Cosmetics & Cleaning Preparations Class


Class 4

Lubricants and Fuels


Class 5



Class 6

Metals Goods


Class 7


hand tools

Class 8

Hand Tools


Class 9

Electrical and Scientific Apparatus


Class 10

Medical Apparatus

Environmental Control Apparatus

Class 11

Environmental Control Apparatus


Class 12



Class 13



Class 14


Musical Instruments

Class 15

Musical Instruments

Paper Goods

Class 16

Paper Goods & Printed Matter

Rubber Goods

Class 17

Rubber Goods


Class 18

Leather Goods


Class 19

Non-Metallic Building Materials


Class 20

Furniture and Articles Not Otherwise Classified


Class 21

Housewares and Glass

Cordage and Fibres

Class 22

Cordage and Fibres


Class 23

Yarns and Threads


Class 24



Class 25



Class 26

Fancy Goods

Floor Coverings

Class 27

Floor Coverings


Class 28

Toys and Sporting Goods


Class 29

Meats and Processed Foods

Staple Foods

Class 30

Staple Foods


Class 31

Natural Agricultural Products

Light Beverages

Class 32

Light Beverages


Class 33

Wines and Spirits

Smokers Articles

Class 34

Smokers’ Articles

Services (SM)


Class 35

Advertising and Business


Class 36

Insurance and Financial


Class 37

Construction & Repair


Class 38



Class 39

Transportation and Storage

Material Treatment

Class 40

Material Treatment


Class 41

Education and Entertainment


Class 42

Computer, Scientific and Legal


Class 43

Hotels and Restaurants

medical 1

Class 44

Medical, Beauty and Agricultural


Class 45


What Cannot Be Trademarked In Malaysia?

Prohibited marks

Prohibited marks

If the use of which is likely to confuse or deceive the public or contrary to law.

Scandalous or offensive matter

Scandalous or offensive matter

If it contains or comprises any scandalous or offensive matter or would not otherwise be entitled to protection in any court of law.

perjudicial to the interest or security of the nation

Prejudicial to the interest or security of the nation

If it might be prejudicial to the interest or security of the nation, for example a mark containing a potentially inflammatory statement or word.

What Criteria Must Be Met For Trademark Approval?

  • Be distinctive
  • Not be prohibited/offensive
  • Not be identical, or confusingly similar to another registered trademark
  • Be capable of being represented graphically (visible)
  • Not be descriptive of the goods/services

Steps In The Malaysian Trademark Application Process

trademark process 1


A thorough comparison of local marks to check for any established trademarks that bear a resemblance.

trademark process 2

Application Submission

Done via the respective Trademark Office.

trademark process 3


The Trademark Office will examine the application for statutory compliances and notify the applicant of any further action required.

trademark process 4


The trademark is published in a government gazette subject to the satisfaction of the registrar. Third parties have three months to oppose the application.

trademark process 5


On completion of objections and opposition and payment of RM fee, a Certificate of Registration will be issued by the Trademark Office.

trademark process 6


Once registered, a trademark is valid for ten (10) years and can be renewed for another ten (10) years indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, distinctive logos, symbols, images, names, signatures, words, letters, numerals or any combination thereof may be trademarked.

Non-Traditional Marks (NTMs) such as smells, sounds, colours, shapes, moving images, tastes and textures are now also registrable in Malaysia.

No, trademark law confers ownership based on a first-use basis, irrespective of creator.

Although usage alone provides a measure of protection, registration with MyIPO provides your business with the most comprehensive trademark protection.

It is not compulsory, as an unregistered mark is still protected by law. However, it is highly advisable to register your trademark, as registration provides additional advantages and protection. It also makes it easier for you to enforce your trade mark right.

A registered trademark enjoys some presumption of rights which makes it much easier to bring a case against an offending party, while unregistered marks have a bigger burden of proof to demonstrate a sufficient level of goodwill and reputation in Malaysia.

Effectively, yes. A trademark search allows you to verify that the mark you intend to register is available for registration in Malaysia, and that there are no existing trademarks that are too similar.

If your trade mark happens to be identical, or confusingly similar to another registered trademark, then chances are, you might not be able to register it. Consult our trade mark agent to advise you how to go about it.

Usually it may take between 1 - 3 years, depending on the complexity of the trade mark you are filing for registration.

The registration will be valid for ten (10) years from the date of filing of the trademark and can be renewed for a further ten (10) years indefinitely.

No, trademark protection is territorial in nature. Your Malaysian trademark is not valid in other countries, and you will need to apply for a trademark there instead.

Yes, as owner, you may choose to licence or assign the trademark.

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