SSM Enterprise Registration And Renewal

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Register & Renew SSM enterprise

Requirements to Register an Enterprise

1 must be malaysian

Must be a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident in Malaysia

2 must be 18 years and above

Must be aged 18 years and above

3 sole proprietorship

If one owner, the enterprise is known as sole proprietorship

4 partnership 1

If more than one owner, the enterprise is known as partnership

No Hidden Fees.

Here’s what you pay and everything we promise to do:

SSM Registration Package

  • Fees is one-off
  • Compilation and submission of relevant documents to SSM
  • Collection and delivery of Business Certificate via Email or WhatsApp within three (3) working days
  • Handling and solving of any queries raised by SSM

(Excluding SSM registration fee).

SSM Enterprise Here s what we ll need from you

Here's What We'll Need From You

– One (1) copy of front & back of MyKad or PR card
– One (1) Driving License photo
– IC verification (selfie with IC, clear photo)
– Proposed business name (check availability here)
– Nature of business
– Business address
– Preferred correspondence address with SSM
– Current residential address

SSM Enterprise Renewal

Done in 4 easy steps!
step 1 1

Step 1 – Complete form

Ensure business / owner details, and renewal duration are accurate.
step 2

Step 2 – Make payment

100% online bank transfer.
step 3

Step 3 – Sit tight

SSM will process your application (15-45 min)
step 4

Step 4 – Check your phone!

Your SSM Enterprise license will be delivered to you via Email or WhatsApp.

Renewal Form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to renew my SSM Enterprise license?

    A typical renewal takes 15-45 minutes during normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm). For urgent cases, contact *whose number?*

    My licenses have expired. Can I still renew them?

    Licenses that have expired for over twelve (12) months cannot be renewed online. The owner must present themselves physically at the nearest SSM branch for further rectification.

    Can I renew ahead of the expiration date?

    Yes, you may renew your license up to 90 days before expiration. The current license will only expire on the pre-set date, and the renewal duration remains unchanged.

    Do I need to submit any additional supporting documents?

    No, the form above will suffice.

    Will I get a refund if my application is unsuccessful?

    Yes, unsuccessful applications get a 100% refund from us.

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