Your Digital Company Secretary In Malaysia

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Your Digital Company Secretary In Malaysia


Switching to us is FREE and EASY. It is even simpler than switching your mobile data plan.


We help you with online business registration / incorporation, electronic signatures, digital payment and document storage.

We help businesses at every step of the way

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Our Vision

We aim to be the leading digital business consultancy firm for SMEs in Malaysia, helping them achieve sustainable growth and success through innovative solutions and expert guidance.

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Our Mission

We help business owners start, build and grow their business through our corporate services digitally.

Our Culture​

We believe in a Client-Centric culture that is supported by a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals.

About Us Our Culture

Our Core Values



We are passionate about solving problems and committed to delivering exceptional service to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Integrity guides us to act with honesty, responsibility, accountability, and trustworthiness in our interactions with our clients.

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Continuous Improvement

We are committed to learning and development, and we strive to continually improve our processes, products, and services.



We believe in working together as a team to achieve win-win results where everyone can benefit from our joint efforts.

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Join Our Team

We’re always looking for people to join our mission of helping entrepreneurs easily start, build and grow businesses in Malaysia. If you are passionate about helping small businesses create BIG impact, do get in touch with us.

Partner With Us

Behind the scenes of every successful business, a million things are happening all at once. MISHU understands any impact we make alone will be multiplied a thousand times over with the right partners who share our goal of helping entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

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Engage Our Services

From first-time business owners to seasoned entrepreneurs looking to safely step away from managing daily business operations, our expertise and business tools are here to make your life easy.

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