Your digital company secretary in Malaysia.

With MISHU, let us handle the boring paperwork while you focus on growing your business.

Existing Business

Switching to us is FREE and EASY. It is even simpler than switching your mobile data plan.

New Business

We help you with online business registration / incorporation, electronic signatures, digital payment and document storage.


MISHU is for everyone!
With MISHU, get the right start to your business digitally today.


If you are a Malaysian, the process is simple and fast.

International Clients

If you are a non-Malaysian, don’t worry! We can provide a nominee director, office address and employment visa assistance.


Simple Registration Process

Register your company online easily via our user-friendly interface. No training required.  

Register From Anywhere

Set up and register your company without having to come to our office or fly into Malaysia physically.

Accessible & Secure File Storage

Our online file storage portal and transaction system allows for easy, secure and configurable access to your documentation with any device using 2-factor authentication. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers across the globe. 

No Hidden Fees

We are transparent on pricing. You know exactly what you are paying for, the exact services you will be getting from us, without any miscellaneous charges or shocking fees. If we plan to increase our fees in the future, we will give you sufficient notice and reasonable time to decide whether to continue to use our services.  

Go Paperless

As a digital company, we try not to print hard copy documents but if we do, we will not charge you any printing, telephone, stationery and courier fees, unless in exceptional situations where we are required to print a lot of documents for physical filing and signatures. 

Electronic Signatures

No more courier fees and snail mail. All your resolutions and letters can be signed by your directors and shareholders using legally binding and digitally compliant e-signature service. 

Go Digital

Do everything online! From incorporation, signing documents, making payments, accessing documents to tracking filing deadlines, it’s all digital. If you are already familiar with doing shopping online, making payment via your e-wallet, using our service is just exactly the same. 

Cost Savings

We use technology to automate our work and make our process more efficient and seamless. Therefore, what we save in time, huge administrative expenses and massive paper costs, now translates to cost saving back to you.

Yes, that's a lot of good stuff.

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