We are just some nice people with a big heart & some nice intention trying to do the right thing for the people and our environment.

See how you too can join our GoDigital cause and get paid doing so.

Do Good Money

We pledge to donate
10% of our annual profit
to charitable causes.

5% of our Do Good Money
will go towards saving the environment

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As a digital company advocating the use of e-signature and trying to go paperless as much as possible, 5% of our Do Good Money will go towards saving the environment, e.g. plant a tree program.

The other 5% will go towards education & training program for young children and entrepreneurs.

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As a company secretary and business advisory firm encouraging entrepreneurs to start a business, 5% of our Do Good Money will go towards funding education and training program for young children and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What this also means is that :

For every Dollar you pay to us, you are also helping the environment and the business community.

To show our commitment in championing these initiatives, we will get an independent audit firm to audit our financial account and we will publish an open letter signed off by our auditor to show the Do Good Money we pledge every year. Let’s support our initiatives and do good together!

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