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Seamlessly manage your HR processes with an integrated and customisable digital solution.

From recruitment to employee reward systems and everything in between, automate repetitive work and gain invaluable data to help shape employee behaviour.

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Make Great HR Management Easy



  • Slash hiring costs with built-in social media recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) to rapidly identify and screen hundreds of candidates.
  • Reduce the risk of bad hires through objective evaluation protocols and multi-party feedback systems.



  • Shorten employee learning curve through digital onboarding processes that bring new hires up to speed before day one.
  • Eliminate redundant admin work through collaborative data and asset sharing across organisation
  • Boost engagement with library of curated videos, notes, and updates

employee files

Employee Files

Ensure employee files are updated in real time through integration with recruitment modules and direct updates from employees, giving managers and leaders direct access to relevant information.



  • Eliminate bias when managing KPIs and OKRs at individual, department and company levels through objective assessments that provide 360°feedback.
  • Build capable teams with key insights into individual strengths and weaknesses to identify areas of growth.

leave management and payroll

Leave Management & Payroll

  • Provide clarity through transparent processes and automatic notifications to keep managers, employees and HR aligned. Eliminate reconciliation errors through Payroll and Leave Management integration.
  • Reduce wait time through automation of basic admin tasks including Employee File updates, onboarding, employee setup and disbursements.

time sheet


  • Reduce time spent on completing timesheets, project management spreadsheets, and client invoicing.
  • Shorten data transfer time through employee clock-in / clock-out tracking with door access software integration.

expense claims

Expense Claims

  • Simplify the claims process into three easy steps all done online: fill up claims, upload receipts and hit ‘submit’.
  • Customise claims categories, processes and limits to your specific company SOPs.

reporting and analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Keep the organisation chart constantly updated and accessible every time a new employee profile is created, making it easy for new hires and recent promotions to get noticed.

The Plans

Essentials Plan

Automate Your HR

  • Employee digital file
  • Document management
  • Payroll management
  • Leave management
  • Claims management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Organisation chart and directory
  • Single sign-on
  • Mobile app
  • Full employee self-service enabled
  • Approval workflows
  • User access rights management
  • Notifications and reminders

Enterprise Plan

Tailor-Made Packages

  • If you are in charge of a large workforce and need a more powerful solution, a plan can be customised to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the essential plan cost?

We have different pricing plans based on your needs, for example headcount, modules subscribed to, and more. We promise that our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden charges beyond what our clients have agreed to beforehand.

Can my company get a free trial?

Of course! Our team will walk you through a product demo beforehand so you can maximise your free trial usage. Upon completion of the demo, you will receive free trial access to the platform.

How does cancellation work?

Yes, you may cancel at any time.

I am in charge of a large workforce. Can I get a custom plan and pricing?

Of course! We are more than happy to customise a package for your HR needs. The platform is designed for scalability, so no matter how big or small your team is, we can make it work for you. Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule a free demo!

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