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Shelf Company
Shelf Company What is a shelf company

What is a Shelf Company?

They go by different names including blank slate company, ready-made company or ready off-shelf company. Regardless of the different names, they share the same idea, which is a legally registered company that is dormant and intended to be sold to another owner.

Like products displayed on shelves in a supermarket, a Shelf Company is ready to be bought immediately and can begin operating extremely quickly.

Why a Shelf Company?

Depending on the nature of business, there are several benefits of buying a shelf company that make it the perfect choice.

As we all may know, starting and ending a business is typically a time-consuming process filled with paperwork that everyone might not want to go through. Buying a shelf or ready-made company means that owners can start their business with significantly less paperwork to deal with. In some cases, it’s almost a requirement to start out with a shelf company. For example, a client might want to pay immediately, and an existing bank account is needed to legitimately receive the payment. Another very common situation is where owners require a loan for their business or want to bid on a contract. In these cases, buying a credible and established shelf company gives the owner an upper hand as they can present a more trustworthy image. In most situations, a company’s longevity and initial paid-up capital create legitimacy.

Shelf Company Why a shelf company

Shelf Company VS Shell Company

A common misconception is that Shelf and Shell companies are the same thing. However, there are several key differences that make Shelf Companies a far more legitimate and viable option for entrepreneurs.
Shelf Company Shell Company
A legitimate company that has been left dormant and 'put on the shelf' with the intent to sell A company which serves as a vehicle for business transactions without itself having any significant assets or operations.
Comes with business assets. Typically comes without any significant assets.

Precautions When Buying a Shelf Company

Remember that there are no risk-free decisions in business, and just as shelf companies come with unique advantages, business owners must be aware of the inherent risks involved.
Legal Issues

Legal Issues

While it is legal to buy a shelf company, there are scenarios where these companies are bought with illicit intentions such as tax evasion or receiving illegal payments.


Outstanding Liabilities

Always ask for a company’s due diligence or a shelf company verification report before any purchase to be sure the business has a clean record with no outstanding taxes owed.

Why Choose Us?

Simple: we have deep experience in this area and a wide selection of Shelf Companies that have been strictly vetted for full compliance and good financial standing.
Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We take pride in what we do as your one-stop digital company secretary. As company secretaries, we are very fond of the small details in businesses. So, rest assured that we filter our selection of businesses available in our list.

Our selections of shelf company

Our Selection

We prioritise companies that we have incorporated ourselves from a clean slate while other companies have gone through our serious inspection and carefully vetted before taking over. Rest assured you can have a pleasant experience browsing through our selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a shelf company is completely legal as the business itself is a legally registered company that has been dormant.

What can I do with a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is the same as any other company, so anything that a normal company can do, a shelf company can do too. This also means whatever cannot be done with a normal company cannot be done with a Shelf Company.

How do I get myself a Shelf Company?

Contact us to view our latest price list of shelf companies based on your requirements. Once everything is confirmed, it is a simple process of transferring ownership of your desired company to you.

Why choose a Shelf Company over starting a new business?

Purchasing shelf companies gives business owners an edge when applying for a loan or pitching as a well-established company has better credentials compared to a new startup.

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