What is MSC Malaysia and How to Apply for MSC Status?

There are many incentives granted by the Federal Government of Malaysia to MSC Malaysia status companies. Here’s some elligibility criteria to meet.

How to close down a company: Strike Off or Wind Up?

There are two common methods for closure of a company: Strike Off or Wind Up. Find out the difference between the two.

Free Trade Zones in Malaysia

Malaysia free trade zones are notably suitable for foreign companies with the purpose of conducting large amount of their business outside of Malaysia.

What is the cost of running a company in Malaysia?

Starting a company is easy but maintaining it requires adequate resources. Here’s typically the cost to maintain a Sdn. Bhd. or Private Limited Company in Malaysia

Should Your Small Business Have An Office?

Having an office for your small business can bring about many benefits. We have compiled 4 main benefits that we believe will convince you to have a dedicated space for your small business.

5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Your Business

Incorporating your business means protecting your asset and getting some advantages that come with incorporating your business.

5 Tips on How to Manage Your Online Store Inventory Effectively

5 tips on online store inventory management for you to progress towards a substantial rise in sales and have a thriving business

Does My Company Need A Company Secretary?

All registered companies in Malaysia require at least one licensed company secretary as it is a legal requirement under the Companies Act.

Choosing The Right Company Name For Your Business In 4 Steps

Choosing the right company name makes or breaks your company. It’s a huge factor in the ultimate success, or failure, of the entity.

What are the requirements of a good company secretary?

How do you choose a good and suitable one for your company? Here are the 4 major criteria or requirements of a good company secretary

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