What is MSC Malaysia and How to Apply for MSC Status?

There are many incentives granted by the Federal Government of Malaysia to MSC Malaysia status companies. Here’s some elligibility criteria to meet.

Free Trade Zones in Malaysia

Malaysia free trade zones are notably suitable for foreign companies with the purpose of conducting large amount of their business outside of Malaysia.

5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Your Business

Incorporating your business means protecting your asset and getting some advantages that come with incorporating your business.

Choosing The Right Company Name For Your Business In 4 Steps

Choosing the right company name makes or breaks your company. It’s a huge factor in the ultimate success, or failure, of the entity.

Why it is important for startups to select the right business structure?

The entity you select has legal, financial, and operational implication. It is prudent to do it right from the start. Find out which one suits you the best

What is a company number?

A unique identification number is given to all companies in Malaysia upon its incorporation. Do you know about the new company number format? Find out more here.

How do foreign companies establish their presence in Malaysia?

As more foreign companies emerge in Malaysia, find out how these rapidly growing companies establish their presence and how you can too!

How to set up a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Malaysia?

With myLLP portal incorporating a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Malaysia is simple. Here are the 4 steps to register an LLP.

How to incorporate a company in Malaysia?

Once you have decided that a company is the best structure for your business now you just need to register it with the CCM. Here are the 4 main steps.

What are the types of companies in Malaysia?

Different types of companies serve and function differently. Here are the characteristics of each type of company to help you decide which one to choose.

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