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Exploring Recent Trends in the Book Market (2023)

I’m sure someone you know has talked about investing in gloves when the stock market was soaring high. People wanting to try out investing caused books on investment to soar as well. This is because people believed that investment books of all sorts may have secrets by gurus that could help them.

Once the glove industry’s stock market slowly quietened the upward trend of investment books similarly dropped. Thankfully, book genres in the following entries have continued to stay popular – let’s take a closer look.

Trends in consumer book buying  

1. Books on Malaysian politics

Another trending book genre in Malaysia is political books. As Malaysians might have known, our political environment is not stable at all, especially during the pandemic. We have had frequent changes of Prime Ministers. Thus, political books have become one of the trending books for enthusiasts, as they would want to buy the political book to understand the political situation in Malaysia, the politicians’ behaviour, and their vision for Malaysia.

Political books is also bought as people want to know more about the current political situation in Malaysia in search of a feeling of security.  

2. Books on leadership and motivation

In this pandemic, people have started to create their own businesses. This might be because people see this pandemic as an opportunity to start something they always wanted to do. It might be also because an article or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) online has influenced and encouraged these normal individuals to start their own businesses. Whatever the reason, people have started to look into leadership and motivation leadership books on how to be a good leader and entrepreneur.

One of the most popular leadership and motivation leadership books lately is Barack Obama, A Promised Land. While it also is a political book, this book takes the readers on the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama’s journey from his younger age and his search for his identity of being the leader of the free world.  

3. Books on travel

For the two years of pandemic life, people have been yearning to travel. Thus, travel & nonfiction books have been selling well, especially for those books that can bring readers travel to the country desired without leaving their houses.

4. Books on romance

On the other hand. something that is not affected by the pandemic is the romance novels genre. Romance novels have remained popular within the bookworm community as most of the books help us grow to understand ourselves and other people while encouraging empathy. One of the romance novels that takes the spotlight is The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh and Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun which are big hits in the United States.  

Understanding the power of trends

Understanding the trend of something might be turned into a strategic advantage in everything you do. Like books, if you understand what the trend is right now in the business world, you can identify or even discover new problems that you can provide solutions to.

Doing so will give you a huge competitive advantage against competitors as you will be the pioneer in the industry. So, do feel like you’ve discovered the trend or a common problem that you have the solution to? Visit our company incorporation page to let us help you start your business journey! 

However, being a pioneer, you’ll always have to be aware that competitors are always out to copy your idea or creation that you put your heart and soul in. So, to maintain the competitive advantage you’ve created, you’ll always have to protect yourself by protecting your intellectual property!

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