7 Easy Steps To Submit Form e B Via MyTax e Filing

7 Simple Steps To Submit Form e-B Via MyTax e-Filing

Malaysian residents running businesses know of three parties whom they must do their utmost to please: 

  • Their spouse,
  • Their parents, and
  • Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

All three come with a long list of demands which aren’t very clearly communicated, so we only find out about a deadline once we miss it and get punished!

importance of meeting efiling deadlines with lhdn
At least LHDN won’t make you sleep on the sofa.

Thankfully, LHDN has an e-filing system that’s digitised much of the tax filing process,.

This post will help you navigate their online platform and fulfil your tax obligations. 

Here’s how we’ll break it down:

  1. We’ll start with a list of tax forms for Malaysian residents with business income
  2. We’ll cover requirements to log into the e-Filing platform
  3. We’ll explain step-by-step what you need to do once logged in, screenshots included
  4. Bonus: We’ll list out other things you can do on the MyTax platform

Meanwhile, we’re sad to say that no software can compute the ever-changing algorithm of an angry wife, so make sure you don’t forget your anniversary.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to submit a form called Form e-B via LHDN’s e-Filing platform MyTax.

  • (Obviously) Make sure your business is already registered with SSM as you’ll need to submit the documents during the e-Filing registration.

  • There is usually a 15 day grace period for Form e-B submission from the deadline.

  • Besides submitting your tax returns, you can also directly make payment on the platform.

  • While e-Filing is convenient, for something effortless, consider engaging MISHUto handle your tax obligations

Tax Forms for Resident Individuals Carrying on Business 

Nothing stings like waiting in line for 30 minutes before being told you left out a form and need to go to the back of the queue.

Best to know exactly what forms you’ll be filling out as a Malaysian resident with business income, so here they are, complete with examples. 

  1. Form B: This is the standard form if you generate income from conventional businesses, including digital businesses like eCommerce and SaaS products. 
  2. Form BT: This form is for resident individuals who generate income through businesses that provide expertise or knowledge, for example freelance consultants.
  3. Working Sheets Pertaining to Repayment: These are three separate forms for tax reductions and refunds, namely HK-6 (tax deductions under Section 110), HK-8 (income from countries with Double Tax Agreement), and HK-9 (income from countries without Double Tax Agreement).

The 2023 deadline for both Form B and BT is 30 June 2023, with a grace period of 15 days.

Both of these forms are available on LHDN’s e-Filing platform, so let’s go over the (very short) requirements to access it and get you logged in.

Requirement to access MyTax e-Filing

We apologise if it seems obvious, but just in case a reader is completely new to the Malaysian tax system, we thought it best to be thorough.

There’s really just one requirement here: Your SSM Business Registration documents, which must be submitted during the registration via the MyTax registration page. 

That’s all – next!

Step-by-step guide to submit Form e-B

We recommend going ahead and registering your e-Filing account before beginning this section. 

That way, it’s really just a matter of copying this guide a step at a time.

Go on then, we’re not going anywhere.

All done?

Cool – let’s start.

Step 1: Homepage & login

mytax homepage screenshot

Pretty self-explanatory here – log in with either your MyKad or passport number.

Step 2: Get your digital certificate

mytax digital certificate registration

The first time you log in, you’ll be prompted to register for a digital certificate either via an e-CP55D online form or e-KYC facial recognition. Both take about the same time, so just choose one and complete it.

Step 3: Arriving at your e-filing dashboard

mytax dashboard

This is your dashboard, from which you can see your previous years’ contributions, tax form submission status, outstanding balance owed, and approved tax refunds. 

Step 4: Navigating the drop down menu

mytax menu navigation

To the imemdiate right of the MyTax logo on the top left corner of the page, hover over the dropdown for ezHsil Services and select e-Filing

Step 5: Select e-Form

mytax e-filing form selection screen

Nothing else to say here – click on the circled option.

Step 6: Select Form e-B

mytax selecting assessment year

Be sure to choose the correct assessment year.

Step 7: Fill out Form e-B

filling out form e-B

There are four sections you’ll have to complete, after which you’ll see a summary of your tax information and you can submit the form.

It’s not exactly fun, but just imagine how much worse it would be to fill in a physical form. 

If you are unsure of how to answer any particular section, you can consult LHDN’s official explanatory notes or get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help. 

Otherwise, well done, you’ve now completed your tax returns for the year. 

What else can be done via MyTax?

In addition to submitting your tax returns, here are other things you can do:

  1. PaymentOption: You can make payments on outstanding tax owed.
  2. e-Billing: You can view your current outstanding tax amount whether as an individual or employer.
  3. e-Data PCB: Employers can submit their monthly tax deductions online.
  4. E-SPC: Employers can submit final payment applications for employees who have died, retired, or left the company.
  5. e-WHT: You can fill in and submit various forms related to Withholding Tax.

There’s more, but we’ll let you do some exploration of your own.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather just not deal with all this, we have a suggestion.

Let MISHU handle your e-Filing needs

HOBD Adrian

If you’re at a stage where all your time needs to be focused on running your business, consider engaging MISHU to handle your tax obligations. We partner with certified accountants to assist, and can make your annual tax returns completely effortless. Get in touch!

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  1. Hi, I am looking for support in filling in Borang B for LHDN Income Tax purposes.
    I am running a sole proprietor business and this is my first time filing taxes.


    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Our Client Servicing team will be getting in touch with you asap to connect you to our tax agents!

      Wishing you smooth LHDN dealings 🙂

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