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Bored Of The Same Japanese Dish? Why Not Try These Out?

Are you feeling a little hungry right now? Do you have a burning passion or urge for some Japanese cuisine? If that’s a yes, have you ever noticed yourself going to Japanese restaurants just to order the same old cuisine again and again? While Japanese cuisine, in general, is undeniably delicious, have you ever thought of trying the small Sushi plates that are always found rotating in these Japanese Sushi Restaurants? If you have the time, let’s talk more about these delicious yet inexpensive sushi pieces!  


Ever thought of wanting every flavour in your mouth at once? Futomaki will be your best match! Translated literary from ‘Fat rolled Sushi’, Futomaki is one of the most classic sushi rolls from Japan. Created just by using different combinations of ingredients such as vegetables, eggs, seafood, and cucumber wrapped with rice and seaweed, Futomaki provides you with a burst of flavour, satisfying all your sensations of tastes in a go, providing you with the best of all worlds! 

Nigiri Salmon 

Nigiri Salmon, sometimes known to others as Salmon Nigiri, is one of the most traditional forms of Sushi. Made with just a slice of raw orange Salmon meat placed over palm pressed rice, these Sushi pieces are frequently seen everywhere in Malaysia, especially at supermarkets or food corners. Even with its simplicity, this piece of Sushi is widely adored by people across Malaysia, and for some, it might even be considered the staple of Sushi in Malaysia. 

Tamago Yaki 

Who would’ve thought that wrapping sweet egg with rice would be a combination made from heaven? The sweet, savoury taste of omelette egg combined with the sour taste of vinegar rice makes the perfect balance of tastes, stimulating your taste buds in a pleasant way. Simply a must-try sushi dish for people who are in love with egg cuisines. 


When people ask what would you get if you mix tofu with rice, what would you imagine? Well, Inarizushi is just that but with a tiny twist! Inarizushi or Inari Sushi is a piece of Sushi with Sushi rice stuffed inside fried tofu pouches. The twist is that these tofu pouches, also known as aburaage or fried bean curd is cooked in a sweet sauce, making them sweet instead of the usual sour and bland taste. 

Tuna Sashimi  

With everything introduced just now involving rice, if you ever feel like challenging yourself to eat raw meat without rice, Sashimi would be your best choice! In the vast variety of Sashimi’s, Tuna Sashimi would be your best choice. Also known as Maguro in Japan, this fish has different parts of its meat that can scale to different prices accordingly. The most expensive part, which is the ‘Otoro’, is found on the lower part of the belly which is high in fat. Scaling down from there, the ‘Chutoro’ is a meat that is pink in colour and has lower fat content, while ‘Akami’, is the lowest grade of meat and is deep red in colour. 

Mmmm… ‘OISHII! UMAI!’ My tummy is growling! You might think that running a Japanese Sushi restaurant is easy, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not! Trust me, if you search for people opening Japanese Sushi Restaurants on YouTube, you’ll see how much determination and financial power you need to maintain a Sushi Restaurant. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to maintain or even exceed the customers’ expectations to win in this fierce competition.  

Yes, customers expect a lot, not only just food but also the interior design of the restaurant. So, if you want your restaurant to closely resemble an authentic Japanese restaurant, you will need approval from the local council. It’ll be even great if the Sushi chef that you hire is from the land of the rising sun, Japan! However, no matter how delicious or mouth-watering your food is, you’ll also need permit for the food you serve to your customers! Other than a Food and Beverage (F&B) license, I’d recommend you going for Halal certifications are a must if you plan to attract customers of all races in Malaysia.  

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