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The Digital World, So What Is An E-Secretary?

If you’d ever thought about starting a company or is already running a business, you would probably know that a secretary is a requirement for every company as stated in the Companies Act 2016. For some companies, hiring an individual for the sole purpose of solving secretarial matters might be costly, so secretary firms became a trend within these few years. 

As competition is fierce in the Secretarial industry, you might be wondering, why choose MISHU instead of other competitors? While I would love to take hours to persuade you with our business model, it would be much easier if I told you how our operation methods save your time, environment and keep you safe.

The world as we all know has shifted towards digital business and we are embracing the change with open arms. Our clients can basically work with us 100% online without needing to travel or pay any courier fees as we implement digitally compliant electronic signatures for clients to sign their resolutions or letters as these signatures are legally binding.  

As we all may know, we live in an era of a pandemic where the only safe place is home, never meeting us (except for the occasion that you’d like to e-meet us through online video calls) not only helps us save time and cost for a company, it also enables our clients to work with us without any risk of physical contact. Clients can also rest easy knowing that our online file storage portal and transaction system can be accessed literary anywhere around the world to enable stress-free but secure access to your e-documents whenever you need to configure them.  

Working with us also means you’re playing your part in keeping the environment clean as we do our best to not print any single piece of hard copy document unless it is necessary to do so. This too is one of our top priorities when conducting daily operations as we do not want to create any waste, unlike our competitors. So, rest assured, we will not charge clients any printing, stationery, courier fees or telephone payment.  

When you hear the phrase ‘MISHU’, what comes to your mind? To clients that do not speak the language, it might have different meanings, but for us, both phrases are directly translated as ‘Secretary’ in mandarin language. That’s right, we’re a secretary firm and we’re proud to present ourselves as a one-stop digital company secretary in Malaysia. Or maybe are you currently facing problems with your currently appointed secretary company? You also can switch to us, why not give MISHU a try and let us solve your problems? Give us a buzz for more info! 

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