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Expatriates And The Contribution To Your Business

Imagine paying a decent amount every month just to learn a new language. Say you’re learning Japanese, and you are excited as it is your first time joining the language class. Here’s where the problem is, when your teacher enters the room, you found out that it’s just a local teacher who speaks average Japanese. What was your expectation? How would you feel?

Who is an expatriate?

It is without a doubt that some positions in some industries require expatriates from foreign countries. Firstly, to have a better understanding, what are expatriates? Well, for Malaysia, expatriates are defined as these foreign ‘specialists’ or ‘employees’ that are qualified to have an employee pass and enter Malaysia. So, this begs the question, why are Malaysian companies in desperate need of hiring expatriates? While there might be different views or answers to this question, for us, it can be summarised as the following three simple reasons.

The Right Person for the Right Role

As we’ve all known, every country has only limited human resources in terms of experts in a particular field. Often to meet this short supply of human resources, professionals from a different country will be highly valuable as they act in a role to either fulfil or educate people regarding the role required. An example of a specific role that might require foreign expertise is the example that I’ve stated, a language class, where a Japanese teacher would be much preferable compared to a local one as they would speak Japanese as their mother tongue. This in return highly boosts the reliability and credibility of these Japanese teachers as they are without a doubt an expert in the language since they were born and raised in Japan.

A Different Approach or Perspective

As expatriates from different countries have different education and backgrounds, it is without a doubt that these individuals have different mindsets or thinking patterns. This at first might be a challenge that businesses might have to deal with, but it can be viewed as a blessing in disguise as different minds may bring about solutions to old problems that were never solved. Different approaches and perspectives from an expatriate might even be beneficial for a company as it helps the company to have insights or have a better understanding of a country. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have plans to expand overseas, as insights that expatriates provide will be genuine and authentic compared to data or search results online. 

A Diverse Workplace and Culture

Other than having a more creative and productive workplace, expatriates bring in a diversified workplace culture where people from different cultures and backgrounds can communicate and grow together as unique individuals in a company. The growth of employees will, in the end, be beneficial to a company as it promotes working effectiveness and motivation. This might also be the main factor an employee will be more likely to work for the same company for a long period of time as they feel that this company enables them to learn more or grow as an individual.

Are you a company eagerly looking for Employment Pass to hire foreign experts? Or are you an expatriate trying to get take your first leap into Malaysia? Why not contact us to learn more about the requirements and documents that we will need from you!

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