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A Short Introduction to CIDB License

What happens if a construction company does not have the credentials or sufficient knowledge to build a structure? It will be hell on earth, won’t it? Buildings might be crumbling down bridges or even facilities might even collapse without any sign. Hey, even the houses you live in might have problems. Scaling from water leakage to the whole house crumbling down! Worst-case scenario, it might even cost a person’s life! People will be living in constant anxiety and fear that the buildings we live in might collapse at any second! 

To prevent these problems, every contractor in Malaysia is required to have a CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) permit before they take on any projects! 

What is CIDB? 

That might be the first question that might pop into your mind. ‘CIDB’ is the abbreviation for Construction Industry Development Board. They are the department that oversees the construction industry in Malaysia, ensuring they meet the standards and are always pushing forward for innovative constructions.  

What is a CIDB license? 

If a contractor wishes to build, create, or complete any kind of structure will need a permit or license that is issued by CIDB if they wish to operate legally. There are seven categories of CIDB ranging from G1, with the tendering limit of RM200k all the way to G6 with a RM10 million tendering limit and G7 with no limit tender.  

Why Do I need a CIDB License? 

Having a CIDB license will prove that your company is a legal construction company. According to the CIDB Act 520, every constructor will be required to apply for the CIDB License if they wish to perform any work! So, if you are to planning to start your construction work illegally, you are welcome to ignore this article completely!  

Are You Malaysia’s next great engineer?  

In Malaysia right now, we have the record of the second tallest building in the world. Are you going to be the one that will break that record and bring the title of the tallest tower in the world to Malaysia?  

Let’s be honest that is not an easy task, some might even say that it’s an impossible task! However, future creators, remember, the sky is the limit!  All those dreams will stay dreams unless you apply for a CIDB license and we at MISHU can’t wait to help you with that first step! 

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