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Starting Your Business… What NEXT ?

So, you finally made the decision to start your very own business? I can see that 
flare in your eyes. You’re ready to take on the world! The road ahead will not be easy, and 
it might not even bear fruit, are you sure about this?
If your heart is set, we’ll be rooting for you!

But first, answer us this: Did you know that in Malaysia, even having your company incorporated does not mean you have the legal rights to commence your business right away?

Business Licenses

Let me talk to you about a friend of mine, Joseph. Joseph was one of those 
outstanding individuals, confident, smart but sometimes careless. He’d always say his plan 
is to start his own pistachio business due to his unconditional love towards pistachios. 

So, the day has come, and Joseph was set to start his own entrepreneur journey. 
He’d registered his company name ‘Jo’s Pistachio’ and was thrilled to finally start his very 
own business. Without doubt, the first obstacle he faced was none other than business 
licenses and permits that were required. As there are over 300 types of businesses license 
in Malaysia, he was unsure what were the documents required that can give him the green 
light for his business. 

Submitting the applications

So, after another 2 months of countless hours of research, Joseph finally prepared 
all the documents that were required to finally start his business. Carrying the huge pile 
documents and forms, he slowly walked into local council, Masjid Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ). After 
hours of waiting in line, finally it was his turn to submit the documents. As you might have 
guessed, he was rejected as his premise, despite being in border line of Petaling Jaya (PJ) and Bandar Sri Damansara, does not fall under the authority of MBPJ. The officer told him the reason of rejection was because that the postcode his premise is located actually belongs to Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) . 

Due to his continuous failure, this time, Joseph wanted to be ready. He did some 
research and only to his surprise, he found out that an entrepreneur will need to pay a 
specific amount to the local authority depending on the nature of the business. He was even 
shocked that the floor area of the premises itself might also be taken into consideration for 
some business as he had no clue regarding the details of his premises. He had also found out 
that to remain white-listed, entrepreneurs must also renew these business licenses on time 
as they typically have a short life of 1 year counting down from the date it is approved by the 
local authority. 

Signboard For Your Business 

A month has passed by and finally, Joseph has everything he needs to finally, start 
his own business. He was exhausted, frustrated and might have aged unusually fast during 
these months. It was all worth it, he thought, as he sat down in front of his store.
He realized that he was lacking one big key component for his premise…

Joseph quickly pulled out his Iphone to only find out that a signboard license is 
required to even think of doing so. For every signboard in Malaysia, a company’s name and 
business license number together with the nature of the business must be clearly stated out 
in Malay. Joseph only relieved as he knew that his signboard will not be mounted over any 
sort of glassed structure, as it is against the terms and condition to do so. 

Well, that was the story of my friend, Joseph, who dreamt big but was a bit on the 
careless side. What about you? Since I can still see that determination in your eyes, I’d 
assume you would take a better route than Joseph, right? Why not use that passion in you to 
come up with a splendid business strategy and leave the boring paperwork to us? Here’s 
our one stop website to learn more about what we need to help you.


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