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Are You Able To Differentiate These Signboards?

Imagine driving back home or through a busy street. Take a quick peek at your surroundings, and I guarantee that you’ll see different types of advertisements that range from banners, billboards, car stickers or even mobile LED trucks. As we all may know, we live in an era where advertisements play a major role in our lives. Of all the advertising tools, a business signboard plays one of the most important factors in a successful business. In fact, some local councils such as Majlis Perbandaran in each district even require business premises under their government to have a legitimate signboard to operate a business. So how many different signboards are there and what do they look like? 

Conventional Signboard 

Conventional signboard
Example of Conventional Signboard 

A conventional signboard, also known as a simple 2D sheet signboard remains one of the most widely seen signboards for a business. These signboards are the most frequently seen signboards everywhere as they are easily displayed or mounted anywhere as long there is sufficient space. As we are surrounded by different advertisements, these conventional signboards might not stand out as much compared to other types of signboards as they are commonly seen everywhere.  

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Signboard 

LED Signboard
Example of LED signboard

LED signboards are basically small, flat panel display that utilizes LED lights to transfer the name or message to the public. As they are bright and mostly waterproof, these LED signs are mainly placed outside of a store and are highly effective at night. As small businesses might not have the budget to purchase high end colourful LED signboards, a basic LED signboard will be their go-to.  These basic LED signboards are generally single coloured with a black background, making them unappealing even compared to conventional signboards.   .  

Neon Signboard 

NEON Signboard
Example of NEON Signboard

Neon signboards are signboards that use neon lights to give the signboard a nostalgic and retro effect. Although neon signboards are considered a stunning piece of art, the failure rate of these neon lights is rather high compared to LED signboards. Neon signboards also need higher electricity compared to LED signboards to continue projecting the lights, so it is without a doubt that Neon signboards might play a huge portion in your monthly electricity bill.  

3D Signboard  

3D Signboard
Example of 3D Signboard

A 3D signboards are basically explained as ‘three-dimensional’ signboards, where a flat signboard is added with another element of depth in both height and width. It is without a doubt that 3D signboards are a rising trend in the recent few years as they are easily one of the eye-catching signboards. 3D signboards are also favourable as they work well with lighting. Regardless of the projection of natural or interior light, a 3D letter or 3D picture will provide a slight shadow creating a natural emphasis on the name or logo of a business.

Clear Perspex Signboard 

Clear Perspex Signboard
Example of Clear Perspex Signboard

Clear Perspex signboards are mostly seen inside buildings where multiple companies have rented a single floor or a single unit as their base of operations. Clear Perspex signboards are signboards that are transparent glass or plastic with the business’s name printed on them. As these types of signboards are more often seen within buildings it will be challenging to compare them to other types of signboards. Still, these signboards are effective to let customers know that they are at the right place or floor. 

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