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What is a company number?

Just like your birth certificate number given to you when you were born, a unique identification number is given to all companies upon its incorporation with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (“CCM”) for identification and administrative purposes. In fact, this does not apply only to companies, but all businesses and limited liability partnerships (“LLPs”) duly registered or incorporated with CCM are likewise given unique identification numbers upon their registration or incorporation.

Each identification number given to these business entities is generated sequentially and in accordance with a unique combination of numbers and codes managed by CCM, and therefore, no two numbers will be the same. Likewise, you can’t pick and choose your company number! Once your company is successfully incorporated, its unique company number will then be generated and can be found on the certificate or notice of registration/incorporation of your company. A company’s company number will subsist throughout its lifetime and will be used for identification and verification purposes for all matters related to the company. As such, just like your ID number, it goes without saying that it is important that you know what your company number is and ensure that it is correctly reflected on all official documentation of your company. The same applies to businesses and LLPs.

New Number Format

Since 11 October 2019, a new 12-digit registration number format was introduced by CCM to replace the old format which consisted of a combination of digits and alphabets.

The revamp of the registration number format was implemented in line with the government’s initiative to adopt a single registration format for business entities in Malaysia under the Small and Medium Enterprises Master Plan 2012 – 2020. Until further notice, the old format is still in force and can still be used by businesses, companies and LLPs alike. The new number format will likewise apply retrospectively to companies incorporated before the above implementation.

As such, for example, company numbers for companies incorporated on or before the implementation of the new registration number format are displayed in the following manner:

If you are wondering how the new number format works, here’s a breakdown for you:

  • the first four (4) digits consists of the year the business entity is incorporated;
  • followed by a two (2) digit code representing the type of business entity registered or incorporated; and
  • the final six (6) digits are running numbers generated sequentially through the system.

Currently, the two (2) digit code for each type of business entity are as follows:

  • 01 – Local Company
  • 02 – Foreign Company
  • 03 – Business
  • 04 – Local LLP
  • 05 – Foreign LLP
  • 06 – LLP for Professional Practice

So, the next time you see a company number in the new format displayed next to a company’s name, you can easily determine what type of company it is and when it was incorporated, and likewise for other businesses and LLPs.

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The view expressed in this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter and does not constitute professional legal advice. You are advised to seek proper legal advice for your specific situation.

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