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The Complete Guide To Malaysian Professional Visit Passes

This article provides a complete overview of the function of a Professional Visit Pass (PVP) and how to obtain one from the Malaysian Immigration Department, specifically their Expatriates Services Division (ESD).

Here’s how we’ll break it down:

  1. We’ll start with an explanation of what a PVP is used for
  2. We’ll compare it to a conventional Employment Pass so you understand which is right in your case
  3. We’ll list the different categories of individuals eligible for a PVP
  4. We’ll cover the process of applying for a PVP
  5. We’ll try to persuade you to get our help!

If that sounds good, let’s begin!

🔑 Key Takeaways:

  • A PVP grants foreign talents to reside in Malaysia for expertise transfer, research, volunteering, training, conducting exhibitions, or internships.

  • A PVP encompasses a broader variety of use cases compared to a normal Employment Pass.

  • There is no minimum monthly earning to qualify for a PVP.

  • The maximum duration of a PVP is 12 months, though this may be renewed at the discretion of the officer.

  • Each PVP application costs RM800.

  • Save yourself the trouble and engage MISHU to help apply for your PVP today!

What is a Professional Visit Pass?

A Professional Visit Pass (PVP) allow foreign talents to reside in Malaysia for the purposes of either expertise transfer, research, volunteering, training, conducting exhibitions, or internships with a local organisation for up to 12 months per pass issued (six months for training at a hotel or factory). At the end of the valid period, it can be extended for a further 12 months though this is at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Quick note about hotels: Trainees are only allowed for hotels rated four stars and above, with the exception of Indonesian trainees who are allowed for hotels rated three stars and above. At any one time, a hotel may only have a maximum of 25 trainees.  

We’ll cover the specific categories below, but for now just know that this definition includes a wide range of occupations from white collar professionals all the way to religious practitioners and students.

Professional Visit Pass vs Employment Pass

And more importantly, which is right for your situation?

Generally, Employment Passes (EP) are narrower in their scope since they are strictly for the purpose of hiring overseas workers, while a PVP encompasses a broader variety of use cases. The table below highlights key differences between the passes.

 Professional Visit Pass (PVP)Employment Pass (EP)
Age of applicantCan be below 18 years of ageMust be of working age
Purpose1. Skill transfer 2. Research 3. InternshipsStrictly for employment that cannot be fulfiled by local talent
Minimum monthly wageNoneAt least RM3,000
Duration6 – 12 months1 – 5 years depending on category
DependentsNot allowedAllowed under certain categories

If it sounds like an EP is more appropriate for you, check out our guide to Employment Passes here.

Additional Professional Visit Pass Categories

The following are also categories for which a PVP can be considered:

  1. Experts other than those managed by the Visit Pass Unit (Ikhtisas) Expatriate Services Division
    • Jockey
    • Volunteers
    • Students under the Exchange/ Mobility/ Industrial Training Program at IPTA/ IPTS/ Public/ Private Schools/ Embassies/ Hotels/ Companies
  2. Overseas artists conducting shooting or performances in Malaysia
  3. Islamic religious teachers
    • Religious Teacher (Including Imam of the Mosque)
    • Quran teacher
    • Arabic Language Teacher
  4. Islamic religious students
    • Separate checklists for students 18 years and above and below 18 years old
    • Applications must be submitted by the sponsor (school) at least a month before the applicant begins their studies
  5. Practitioners of other religions
    • 40 years and above for Hindu monks (Gurukkal), Granthi, Dharma Teachers and Priests
    • 35 years and above for religious musicians
    • 30 years and above for religious sculptors
    • Maximum period allowed is 12 months
    • Applications must be submitted by the sponsor at least a month before the applicant begins working
  6. International students taking religious courses under Malaysia Bible Seminary
  7. Those invited to participate in government cooperation programs / on government goals

PVP Application Process

Before beginning the application process, be sure that the required documents below are available.

Required documents

  • Recent passport photo
  • Copy of passport (all pages)
  • Offer letter / agreement for services / sponsor contract / internship offer in Malaysia (stamped by LHDN)
  • Confirmation letter by home/base-country Company on the applicant’s employment details (salary, designation, duration of pass applied, etc), if applicable
  • Personal Bond form (for non Chinese nationals) (duly stamped by Inland Revenue Board)
  • Security Bond & Bank Guarantee ( for Chinese nationals)
  • Letter of Award (LOA) / Contract, if applicable 

Additional documents for specific activities

  • For machinery / equipment installation / commissioning / maintenance:
    • Invoice of purchase of machinery
    • Form K1 / ZB4 / Others / BIor Letter of Confirmation from Customs Department to validate company’s physical location in FTZ
  • For secondment in mining activities: Approval letter from the Minerals & Geoscience  Department Malaysia on mining activity, Supporting letter from the Minerals &  Geoscience Department Malaysia for individuals, and Mining License.
  • For Flight Simulator Tester: Supporting letter from the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia
  • For internship: Training schedule / job description of internship is required 
  • Other documents specified upon request

Regarding the final point, as required documents vary significantly depending on industry, contact our Employment Pass team for advice tailored to your needs.

Submitting the application online

ESD portal for professional visit pass application

The company / sponsor must submit the application on behalf of the applicant. To do this, visit the ESD portal, log in to the company’s ESD account (or register for one) and submit the application along with the supporting documents.

If all goes as well, the application should be processed with 14 – 21 working days depending on the program.

Each PVP application costs RM800, not including various other immigration and licensing fees.

Should the application get rejected, you may submit an appeal.

Whether you are reading this as an employer or overseas talent, we wish you a smooth application process and hope you enjoy your stay in Malaysia!

Of course, for a truly smooth application, you might consider engaging our services.

Let MISHU handle your PVP application

HOBD Adrian

MISHU’s team is experienced in helping companies negotiate with the relevant authorities to obtain Professional Visit Passes and swift approval of any necessary permissions. We would be happy to sit down with you and understand your needs – check out our full Employment Pass services and let us know if you’d like help!

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  1. Hello,Greetings from Taiwan! We have several employees holding Taiwanese passports who are scheduled to work in Malaysia. Could you please advise if it’s possible to apply for the Professional Visit Pass (PVP)? Our purpose in Malaysia is to oversee and assist in the manufacturing process at our subsidiary’s factory. Although our stay in Malaysia will exceed 30 days, we will not be receiving Malaysian salaries. Our involvement is solely to support and supervise the manufacturing processes at the subsidiary company. Looking forward to your guidance on the application process.

    1. Hi Joan,

      Thank you for the detailed enquiry – our Client Servicing team will be getting in touch asap.

      All the best with the PVP application and your factory!

      The MISHU Editorial Team

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